Meet London Business School’s MBA Class Of 2025

London Business School – Park Road Entrance

P&Q: What are some key elements in your teaching of leadership? What types of options does your school offer that deepens student experience with leadership and makes them more competitive in the marketplace?

Foley: “The very first course students take at LBS is Global Leadership Assessment for Managers (GLAM). This course is designed to teach students the first rule of leadership and management success – which is to know your strengths and weakness, and to learn how to know when to take forward and lead, and when to let others take the lead. GLAM uses coaching, 360-degree analysis and personality reporting to support students in identifying who they are as leaders right at the very start of the programme.

Throughout year 1 of the programme, students then have access to a range of Skills for the Future workshops, which includes sessions on Emotional Intelligence, Resilience & presence under pressure and Innovative Thinking for Leaders. These courses are an integral part of the students’ development and learning, providing targeted development of their skills as a leader.

Further elective courses, such as Diversity Science for Leaders, Cris Leadership and Human Behaviour, Employee Engagement and Positive Psychology and Leading Teams and Organisations, provide opportunities for student deepen their understanding to equip them to be in the best place possible for taking their learning into their post-MBA employment.

Outside the classroom, our active and thriving student club system provides extensive opportunities for students to take on roles leading student clubs. As part of this, student club leaders have the opportunity to be part of the Leadership Incubator. The Incubator provides a highly sought after and valuable opportunity for students to work through personal development areas on a continual basis 1-on-1 with an executive coach and in a group setting with trusted peers.”

P&Q: Two years ago, P&Q asked you to share how you’ve integrated AI, STEM, analytics, and digital disruption into your programming. Since then, what types of enhancements have you made in these areas?

Foley: “The London Business School elective portfolio is reviewed annually to ensure we keep at the forefront of topics relevant to today’s changing business world. In the last 2 years, we have enriched the portfolio specifically in this area, with the following electives added – Data Science for Business, Digital Marketing, Data Science for Business, Business Resilience, Digital Deep Dive and Systematic Inventive Thinking.

From a skills perspective, we have enhanced our technical skills offering substantially to include courses such as Driving into Data with SQL, Python and Data-Driven Decision Making with Excel.

We continue to review both student and employer demand and interest, to be ahead in our offering to best equip our MBA students for future success.”

London Business School. File photo

P&Q: How many courses outside the business school can MBAs take during your program? To what extent has your business school embraced coursework from other schools and departments at your university? Are students from other schools and departments at the university allowed to take MBA electives?

Foley: “Our focus is on our international partnerships, partnering with 29 fantastic peer schools around the world. MBA students can apply to spend up to a term studying at a partner school, looking at what each partner school offers to add a unique and distinctive element to their MBA. We equally value our oncoming international exchange students, as well as our distinct exchange with Hong Kong University, with our visiting students adding experience and further diversity to our classrooms and campus.”

P&Q: What is your biggest student-run event of the year and what does it reflect about your school?

Foley: “We are incredibly proud of Tattoo, a spectacular student-led event, which brings together nearly 500 students from London Business School to celebrate the values of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Held annually, this event aims to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where individuals from various backgrounds can come together, share their experiences, and foster a sense of unity within the LBS community.

One of the defining features of Tattoo is the international food festival, showcasing a diverse range of culinary delights from around the world. Students have the opportunity to indulge in an array of delectable dishes, each representing the unique flavours and cultural heritage of different countries. In addition to the gastronomic delights, Tattoo features a captivating dance competition. Students form teams and showcase their talents in a variety of dance styles, including contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, and traditional dances from different cultures. The energetic performances fill the air with pulsating rhythms and vibrant movements, captivating the audience and highlighting the rich diversity of talent within the LBS community.

With an unforgettable after party, and the grand finale of a mesmerizing light show projected onto the front of the LBS school building, Tattoo is so much more than an event. It is a symbol of London Business School’s commitment to fostering an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and included. It serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing differences and the strength that comes from a diverse community. Through food, dance, music, and a breathtaking light show, Tattoo amplifies the voices of students and celebrates the power of unity in building a stronger and more inclusive LBS community.”

Aerial view of the London Business School


1) London: “London is amazingly dynamic, and that to me is what made it so compelling for pursuing my MBA. London is incredibly culturally rich. Yet, given the diversity of its ever-evolving population and its size, that richness is constantly shifting and expanding. The city also continues to command immense influence in some of the oldest powerhouse industries in the world – finance, for one – yet constantly drives enormous growth towards newer frontiers, such as its increasingly active startup ecosystem. The flexibility and global focus of LBS’ MBA program provides students with a near-infinite playground for learning, opportunity, and exploration. Stepping outside its city campus doorstep, however, that playground multiplies by a thousand-fold, with London’s centrality and easy access to all corners of the world.”
Claudia Cecilia Kesala (’25)

2) Program Flexibility: “The fluidity to customize my MBA program to enjoy all that it has to offer while exploring options before I finalize my next steps sealed my choice. The MBA curriculum allows me to focus on my core courses in the first year and join an exchange program in the US for a term in my second year, thereby experiencing the best of both worlds. There is also the great opportunity to take on different part-time internships during term time, exploring different functions and industries along with my summer internship.”
Phoebe Joel (’25)

3) Leadership Training: “I was also drawn towards LBS’s focus on student-driven leadership. The program itself incorporates numerous elements that enhance one’s management and leadership skills. I was, for instance, particularly excited by the Global Leadership Assessment for Managers (GLAM) module and the accompanying Leadership Launch journey. I see GLAM as crucial to my continuing future in private equity. It will hone my strengths and weaknesses through customized skill sessions will help to prepare me for eventually taking the lead on investment decisions and becoming an effective Board member across my portfolio.”
Claudia Cecilia Kesala (’25)

4) Experiential Learning: “I was drawn to the experiential nature of the MBA program and intend to enroll in the 21-month program to take full advantage of the internship and global experiences opportunities on offer. I look forward to gaining real world exposure to the business fundamentals I will be taught in my courses and to applying these in practice. I’m particularly keen to participate in the Medellin Global Experience, which is focused on social innovation and impact, to build my content knowledge around how organizations drive social change in sustainable ways. Additionally, by taking part in the personalized Leadership Launch course, I will be able to develop my core leadership and business development skills and strengthen my toolkit as a business leader.”
Precious Kilimo (’25)

5) Diwali Ball: “This is a tough one! I guess I would say the Diwali Ball (Diwali was always my favourite holiday growing up, so I am a little biased!). Diwali Ball, hosted by the LBS India Club every year, is one of the biggest and most coveted events on campus. It was nice to share and celebrate a little piece of my culture with my friends. With everyone dressing in Indian wear and performing some kickass dances to Bollywood numbers, it is definitely a memory that I will look back on very fondly.”
Kanika Bhachawat (’23)

Accenture Strategy careers presentation at London Business School


“One piece of advice I would give to help potential applicants gain admission into the LBS MBA program is to convey what makes you unique. I genuinely believe that everyone has had unique and interesting experiences that inform the future path they want to take. Find that voice, that story, and write around it rather than trying to force a narrative that isn’t yours or one you think the admissions committee wants to hear. London Business School, like most business schools, is seeking to create a cohort of extremely diverse people to create an environment conducive to the learning objectives we all want. Be yourself and express yourself in a way that is uniquely yours.”
Nicholas Latifi (’25)

“At the start of the MBA program, everyone in the class is asked to present a fun fact about themselves. One of my classmates talked about their dog having 8 million views on Instagram, while another mentioned she could speak to half of the world in their native tongue. While some of the stories were impressive and others funny, what our stories had in common was that we all had a story to tell. When applying to the MBA program at London Business School, the best thing applicants can do is to tell that story. London Business School is an incredibly open-minded place, and the school looks to recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds who will contribute to the breadth, diversity, and identity of the LBS community. Everyone has a story to tell and LBS is just waiting for you to tell yours!”
Viktor Hainski (’25)

“Itwas building relationships with people at London Business School. Selecting a business school is no easy task, as there are many incredible MBA programs around the world and it’s important to realize that as an applicant, you are interviewing the school and learning about its community as much as the school is interviewing you and welcoming you to their community. I spoke to faculty, staff, and current and former LBS students during my application process. This gave me more insight into the school and community I so wanted to be a part of, and I think that created more passion and drive in my application. The insights and wisdom shared with me helped me to see what my path could look like at LBS and those relationships were crucial to my success, both during the MBA application process and throughout my journey at London Business School.”
Julia Hamilton (’23)

MBA Student Hometown Undergraduate Alma Mater Last Employer
Fernanda Camilo Aguiar Curvelo, Minas Gerais, Brazil Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais, Brazil Red Ventures
Christine Darla Bautista Quezon City, Philippines University of the Philippines Diliman The OCBFF Corporation
Deborah Carey Satellite Beach, FL American University U.S. Department of Commerce
Rhydian Harris London, UK University of Bristol Numan
Viktor Hainski Zagreb, Croatia Bocconi University BlackRock
Fatema Salim Haveliwalla Mumbai, India HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai University Pure Harvest Smart Farms
Phoebe Joel Okitipupa, Nigeria University of Ibadan, Nigeria Shell Petroleum Development Company
Claudia Cecilia Kesala Helsinki, Finland Washington and Lee University Pamlico Capital
Precious Kilimo Nairobi, Kenya Dartmouth College Maisha Meds
Nicholas Latifi Toronto, Canada Crescent School (High School Diploma) Williams Racing
Chris Town Edinburgh, Scotland Britannia Royal Naval College Royal Navy
Ed Vickers-Willis Melbourne, Australia University of Melbourne Boston Consulting Group

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