3 Top B-Schools, 2 Master’s, 1 Certificate: Europe’s Newest Elite Tech Triad

EDHEC Dean Emmanuel Métais Wants To Lead On Climate And Impact

EDHEC, ESMT and Imperial have launched the 3-year GETT Europe program, opening in Fall 2024. EDHEC photo

On sustainability and the challenge that many believe is the greatest of our time, climate change, Europe’s top business schools continue to innovate — and collaborate. But as a group, the elite management education institutions of Europe are hard at work anticipating other changes looming across a big and rapidly evolving world, too — particularly those in the AI and tech space.

In the latest merger of minds and resources, three of Europe’s leading B-schools recently announced the launch of a three-year master’s program that will focus on providing its graduates tools to help guide the world’s most challenging economic and technological transformations — those that are underway and those yet to come. Students in the program will learn from the vaunted vantage of three of Europe’s top capital cities.

The Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) Europe Master’s Degree will be offered in Fall 2024 by EDHEC, ESMT Berlin, and Imperial College Business School in London. The program promises to introduce students to the newest technologies and most pressing environmental challenges while teaching them the strategy and managerial skills needed in such a complex landscape. Graduates will earn a Master’s in Management from EDHEC, whose main campus is in Lille in northern France, a certificate from ESMT Berlin, and an MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management from Imperial College Business School.


EDHEC’s Tristan-Pierre Maury: New GETT Europe “offers both a unique experience of international immersion and cutting-edge training to understand today’s technological challenges”

The new program exists alongside EDHEC’s USA-Asia GETT, launched in 2017, in which students study in North America at the University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, in Asia at Sungkyunkwan University’s Graduate School of Business in Seoul, and in Europe on EDHEC’s Paris campus. The wide range of locations, experiences, faculty, and curricula — and the program’s unique design that includes a year of work sandwiched between periods of study — help students acquire the skills desired by companies in a world increasingly attuned to the needs of sustainable development and answering the challenges of disruptive change amid rapid informational and technological advances, said Ludovic Cailluet, associate dean of EDHEC’s Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship and director of the USA-Asia GETT program, in a 2022 interview with Poets&Quants.

Students in that program receive “direct access to the cities, communities, and concepts transforming the world of business,” the school boasts, and graduates of the program go on to careers in consulting, business development, and innovation management, among other lucrative (and enriching) occupations, each armed with a pair of master in management degrees from EDHEC and SKK and a diploma from Berkeley Haas’ Global Access Program. It served as a model for the new GETT Europe.

“Following the success of our USA-Asia GETT program on three continents, we are delighted to launch the GETT Europe, a comprehensive and demanding hybrid curriculum that meets students’ new expectations,” says Tristan-Pierre Maury, director of the Grande Ecole and master of sciences at EDHEC. “Thanks to an alliance between three of Europe’s leading institutions, this program offers both a unique experience of international immersion and cutting-edge training to understand today’s technological challenges.”


The new program allows students to take such courses as Risk Modeling, Predictive Analysis, AI and Society, Design Thinking for Innovation and Impact, and Technology and Innovation Management. And they’ll do so in Paris, Berlin, and London, gaining a global perspective of sustainable development and tech innovation while enjoying the heights of three cultures and three entrepreneurial and tech-innovation ecosystems.

“The GETT Europe program is a bold step forward in our mission to nurture leaders who thrive in a complex, global economy and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset,” says Leila Guerra, vice dean for education at Imperial College Business School. “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation and offers an immersion into three of Europe’s leading cities as well as expanding the frontiers of technology, entrepreneurship and management. Whilst at Imperial, students will be empowered to become the next generation of venture founders, venture builders, innovators and investors to create and grow new business opportunities while considering the implications of social and environmental factors.”

Adds Roland Siegers, director of external engagement for ESMT Berlin: “We are looking forward to deepening our collaboration with our long-term partner EDHEC and welcoming students from this prestigious master’s program to Berlin from 2025 onwards. In Berlin, students will benefit from our brand-new suite of specialized master programs and especially be able to deepen their knowledge of analytics and AI.”


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