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Team King Of The Curve

School Affiliation: WashU Med School

Description: Turning student stress into student success through high-quality examination prep.


King of the Curve (KOTC) is revolutionizing medical education by providing students with engaging and accessible preparation materials for key standardized tests like the MCAT. This platform is addressing the financial and emotional burden typically associated with these exams. KOTC utilizes a unique approach that includes personalized mentorship, quality test materials, and predictive analytics to address the diverse learning needs of students that traditional test prep methods often overlook.

KOTC’s impact goes beyond just enhancing individual learning experiences. It is also playing a crucial role in addressing the critical shortage in the physician pipeline by simplifying the journey from pre-med to clinical practice. As a long-term educational ally, KOTC supports students from their early educational stages right through to their residency, underlining its commitment to the ongoing success of medical students.

In terms of scalability, KOTC is expanding its offerings to include a variety of medical education exams, transitioning into a more inclusive educational resource for multiple stages of medical training. This strategic expansion increases the platform’s reach and adaptability, making it a comprehensive tool for a broader range of medical students’ needs. Such growth not only enhances KOTC’s utility but also positions it to make a substantial impact on medical education globally, marking it as an invaluable tool in the medical community.


KOTC’s adaptive platform and framework are designed to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of students’ study time, particularly for high-stakes exams like the MCAT, NCLEX, PA-CAT, and DAT. The adaptive nature of our platform ensures that students can access the most relevant and challenging content quickly, without wading through material they’ve already mastered. This targeted approach not only saves time but also keeps students engaged and focused on areas where they need the most improvement.

Our platform’s ability to adapt to individual learning styles and pace is key in enhancing content retention. By presenting material in a way that aligns with each student’s unique learning process, KOTC facilitates a deeper understanding and longer retention of complex topics. This personalized learning experience is crucial in preparing for exams where a comprehensive grasp of a wide range of subjects is essential.

The effectiveness of KOTC’s adaptive learning approach is reflected in the exam scores of our students, who consistently outperform their peers using traditional study methods. The higher scores achieved by KOTC users are a testament to the platform’s ability to provide a more efficient, engaging, and effective study experience. By focusing on the most pertinent areas of study and adapting to individual learning needs, KOTC not only accelerates the learning process but also significantly boosts the likelihood of exam success, setting a new standard in test preparation for healthcare professionals.


Our target audience is college students who aspire to pursue healthcare careers. We specialize in providing comprehensive preparation for critical exams such as MCAT, NCLEX, PA-CAT, and DAT. We cater to the unique needs of this demographic, which is increasingly seeking careers in the healthcare industry. Our platform is designed to offer resources and guidance that are relevant to their academic and professional journey.

The test preparation market, where KOTC operates, is an extensive industry worth $120 billion. Our platform resonates with our target audience, providing them with the education and support they need to succeed in their healthcare professions.

Looking ahead, we plan to expand our platform to include all standardized exams, leveraging our success in the healthcare education space to establish a more significant presence in the broader test preparation market. Our aim is not only to extend our reach but also to enhance our contribution to the educational landscape, providing comprehensive resources for a wider array of standardized exams.

In summary, our focus at KOTC is on college students aspiring to healthcare careers, within the $120 billion test preparation industry. Our future expansion plans are set to further cement our role as a key educational resource, making a substantial impact across the spectrum of standardized test preparation.


KOTC has a unique approach and advanced features that set it apart from other test preparation providers. Its direct competitors, such as Kaplan and Princeton Review, offer structured test prep courses for exams like the MCAT and NCLEX. Although these companies provide comprehensive content, KOTC provides a more personalized and adaptive learning experience. KOTC’s platform tailors the study material to each student’s learning style and pace, ensuring a more efficient and effective preparation.

In contrast, indirect competitors such as Khan Academy and Coursera offer a wide range of educational resources but lack the specialized focus and adaptability that KOTC provides for medical and healthcare exams. KOTC offers a bespoke experience specifically designed for the unique challenges of healthcare-related standardized tests.

What makes KOTC stand out is its integration of interactive learning techniques and predictive analytics. This modern approach not only engages students more effectively but also provides real-time insights into their performance, a feature not typically offered by other test prep solutions. By pinpointing areas for improvement and adapting content accordingly, KOTC enhances learning outcomes, evidenced by students consistently achieving higher scores than those using traditional methods. In summary, KOTC’s combination of personalized, adaptive learning with advanced technological tools positions it as a superior choice in the competitive landscape of test preparation.

Value Creation:

KOTC demonstrates strong potential for sustainability in both economic and social realms. From an economic standpoint, the platform targets the lucrative market of high-stakes medical exams and offers a subscription-based model that capitalizes on the consistent demand for effective test preparation. This sector presents significant opportunities for growth and expansion, given the vastness of the standardized test prep market. KOTC’s adaptability to various exams and learning styles enhances its potential to scale within this substantial market.

From a social perspective, KOTC addresses the urgent need for competent and diverse medical professionals in the United States. By making high-quality test preparation accessible and engaging, our platform lowers entry barriers into healthcare professions, thereby contributing to a more diverse medical workforce. This is crucial because a diverse range of healthcare professionals is essential for addressing the varied healthcare needs of a diverse population. The improvement in preparedness and competence of healthcare professionals that KOTC facilitates directly impacts the quality of healthcare outcomes.

Furthermore, the framework KOTC employs has relevance beyond the medical field, reflecting a broader need for diversity and skilled professionals in various professions. This universality suggests potential applications in other fields, opening avenues for further expansion and impact. The combination of a large, untapped market and the platform’s capacity to contribute significantly to social change in professional landscapes positions KOTC for sustainable success, both financially and as a catalyst for positive societal impact.

The Team:

Heath Rutledge-Jukes, William Kelly, and AndrewPaul “AP” McIntosh, the co-founders of King of the Curve (KOTC), have been successfully managing and growing the company since their graduation from Florida Southern College in 2020. They have leveraged their diverse backgrounds and skills to create a formidable player in the test preparation market, especially for high-stakes medical exams and beyond. Heath Rutledge-Jukes, the technical lead and full-stack developer for KOTC, is a top scorer in MCAT and an expert in pedagogical tools research. His expertise encompasses the use of mobile app games for enhancing STEM learning and comprehension at the college and graduate levels. Heath’s research is instrumental in shaping KOTC’s approach to test preparation, ensuring that it addresses diverse student needs effectively. His published papers have accelerated KOTC’s development, enabling the creation of engaging and evolving study apps. William Kelly, a graduate of Cornell University, manages KOTC’s finances. He has prior experience as a Forensic Accountant and a strong background in growth and digital marketing, making him well-equipped to handle KOTC’s finances and market positioning. His expertise ensures that the company remains competitive and financially robust. AndrewPaul “AP” McIntosh bridges the technical and logistical aspects of KOTC. With his background in psychology and communication, he plays a pivotal role in managing the intern program and engaging directly with users to gather customer insights. His efforts have helped KOTC to continually refine and improve the product. Overall, the trio’s complementary skills and expertise have positioned KOTC as a leading player in the test preparation market.

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