BIG IdeaBounce 2024 | 14 Finalists Dazzle In SharkTank Contest

Team Plastic Purge

School Affiliation: San Jose State University

Description: Utilizing bio-chemical applications to turn plastic into oxygen/chemically recycle it.


Only 9% of plastic is recycled. The remaining 93% is either dumped in the ocean where it harms aquatic ecosystems, or is sent to the landfill where it creates massive amounts of carbon emissions.


We’ve developed a new sustainable process for eliminating plastic waste utilizing piranha solution and micro algae.


Our target customer is waste management companies. Plastic Purge can help waste management companies save money on over-sea shipping costs and over-sea buyer rates. In addition to this, we can help them receive a government incentive for working with us.


Current chemical recycling process (such as pyrolysis) require massive amounts of energy and are not sustainable. Plastic Purge has developed an end-to-end sustainable solution. Plastic Purge can provide government incentives to waste management companies that other chemical recycling companies can’t qualify for because they don’t meet the sustainable criteria in the eyes of the government.

Value Creation:

Our sustainable process for eliminating plastic waste has the potential to significantly reduce the impact that plastic waste has on our environment. In addition to this, we have developed the business model to make the process cost effective.

The Team:

Devon Rodriguez, Business Major with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, graduating Spring, 2024. Rishi Birudaraj, Business Major with an emphasis in entrepreneurship (with honors), graduated Fall, 2023. (We have university professors and industry professionals in the relevant field advising us.)

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