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Alex Leventhal


Prep MBA

Los Angeles, California

United States

Consultant Bio

I am among a handful of industry veterans who still works directly with applicants to the top 20 MBA programs both in the US, Europe and Asia. It is my strong belief that acceptance at leading programs ultimately comes down the emotional energy you can emit for your MBA candidacy. The GMAT and your undergraduate academic record are critical. However, beyond that, my job is to push you to connect emotionally with your application essay readers and interviewers, and to create energy around your candidacy through specific explanations of your accomplishments, choices, influences and career ambitions.

I am an HBS grad, philosophy major undergrad, and worked in pharma/healthcare consumer products prior to my MBA, and then post MBA worked in life sciences tech and management consulting. I’ve worked for global firms such as Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, Eli Lilly, and Siebel Systems.

Writing and editing are my passions, and clients talk most about my contributions to their essays and interview preparation. I am a frequent lecturer at the Harvard Club of Los Angeles on career planning and MBA admissions.

Company Information

Prep MBA is my company. There are no junior consultants or editors getting a cut of the business. You will be working directly with me, the head of the firm. There is some special sauce to what I do, and my track record over time demonstrates that my process and insights work. I have not scaled up with contractor consultants like my competition because I have wanted to keep a personalized, boutique experience with the highest quality results.

I work, therefore, with a limited number of clients each application season, and I always fill up. Over half of my business comes from referrals.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

Over 90% of my clients work on comprehensive school packages, but I have some hourly clients as well in certain circumstances. My services include mock interviews, ding analysis, editing and application planning for those still preparing for future application seasons.

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Best in the business!
    1 week ago
    "I first reached out to Alex over the summer as I was getting ready for my round 1 applications. Like most applicants in the market for an admissions consultant, I scheduled free consultations with several big-name shops. Alex immediately stood out because he made it clear that I would be working with him one-on-one through the admissions process, and he had a track record of helping applicants with my background get admission into top programs. Most other consultants who I spoke with were eager to pass me on to the junior members of their teams, and I would have little to no interaction with the admission veterans who were extensively featured in their marketing material. During my research, I encountered consultants who thought that I ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Alex is the consultant for you
    4 months ago
    "Before contacting Alex, I had already called a couple consultants located both in China and United States. The feedback I received from those consultants were quite opposite. I got very negative feedback from a Chinese consultant saying that I had no chance to get in a top 10 school, and very positive feedback from an American consultant encouraging me to apply any school I want. Coming from a very competitive pool with a moderate background (Chinese and average GMAT), I understand there are many hurdles I have to face. The initial conversation with Alex was quite pleasurable, unlike other consultants who treat you just as another business opportunity. Alex was sincere, professional and passionate about his career. More importantly, Alex was very honest with me ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Prep MBA Review
    7 months ago
    "I was referred to Alex when I first began seriously considering pursuing an MBA. Despite indicating in my initial outreach that I was unsure an MBA was right for me, and that I was looking only for high-level guidance, Alex gladly took time to speak. The discussion led me to spend another year at my job and take my time with the GMAT. His candid advice and patience with my unfamiliarity with the application process were key reasons I decided to retain Prep MBA when I had fundamentally strengthened my resume. After retaining Alex’s services, he and I got to work immediately even though we were months out from the “typical” application timeline. With Alex’s guidance, I narrowed a target school list – Fuqua, Wharton, ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019, Admit
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  • Prep MBA with Alex
    8 months ago
    "I spoke with a couple of consulting firms before choosing Alex. I wanted to gauge my chances at my target schools being a younger candidate coming from an over-represented demographic. What initially stood out was his candid feedback not only about strengths to highlight but also potential weaknesses and challenges. His honest feedback gave me a realistic sense of what to expect throughout the application process. I went with a 3 school package and utilized our work to apply to an addition 2 schools. Once you sign on with PrepMBA, you will have access to Alex’s expertise as someone extremely familiar with every intricacy of the process. Alex’s method to get to know who he works with provides tremendous value. ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019, Admit
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  • Do yourself a favor - Choose Alex as your advisor
    8 months ago
    "I contacted Alex after working with another admission consultant and receiving my first ding in R1. I was disheartened and was looking for someone to provide a fresh perspective on my profile. I called a number of admissions consultants, however was reluctant to accept any. That changed with Alex. Soon after our call I knew that he can help me and said Yes! He does not have a group of consultants working under him, but works individually with each client. I could tell that he was passionate about his service and honest in his assessment. I handed over a very difficult task to him – to help an Indian IT engineer, arguably the most overrepresented applicant pool, with silver work experience (not golden) land a ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019, Admit
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  • Why I suggest you Alex Leventhal to get into top BS.
    9 months ago
    "I remember in October 2016, I approached numerous consulting companies. I had initial sessions with many of them. After several conversations, I noticed that the majority of these companies does not assign those with highest scores on forums to you. Indeed, they use lower level people and they claim that the higher consultants oversee the progress. However, I wanted to directly work with an experienced person. One who owns the business not a middle man consultant who does this job on side. That’s why I chose Alex. It took me three weeks to reach this conclusion, and I think if you listen to my advice you can save your precious time. I did two school package with, and I hourly based consultation. My background is ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2017, Admit
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  • Great Experience, Unique Essays
    10 months ago
    "I had a great experience working with Alex. From our very first call while I was still deciding which admissions consultant would be the best fit, I felt at ease with Alex due to his honesty and openness about the process. Because I was a college senior, applying to only deferred admissions MBA programs, I chose to go with 1 full-school package, and then hourly services for additional applications. Upon beginning the first application, Alex provided clarity to an overwhelmingly open-ended process by helping me narrow down my story. He was extremely supportive in helping me explore multiple potential “career visions” until I could find one that was unique, realistic, and exciting for me. I firmly believe that I couldn’t have fully progressed through this ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2021,
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  • A Real Competitive Edge
    11 months ago
    "As I began to consider pursuing my MBA, I was overwhelmed by the daunting application process, and felt alone, not knowing many people who had been through it before. Alex was recommended to me by a close friend whose sister had used his program and got into her dream school, HBS. The way my friend spoke of him made me feel like if I really wanted to be competitive and put my best foot forward with my applications, Alex was the guy to work with. This became evident from our first conversation together. Alex walked me through the steps we would take together to thoroughly establish my story and MBA goals before even opening an application. He took the time to get to know me ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2014,
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  • Got into my dream school thanks to Alex!
    1 year ago
    "I got to know Alex through a colleague who Alex helped get into a top 10 school with scholarship. After calling two other admissions consulting firms, I gave Alex an intro call and his articulate communication style and interest in helping me immediately stood out. In addition, I wanted a consultant who I can trust to manage the whole process and going with Alex guaranteed that, as compared to other admissions consulting firms who pair you up with consultants that you do not interact with before payment. I was so convinced that Alex was the right choice that I immediately signed up for a 5 school package with hourly work for an additional 2 schools. Right from the start of working together, Alex was incredibly ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019,
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Alex Leventhal Prep MBA Review
    2 years ago
    "I initially was skeptical about using the services of an admissions consultant when beginning the application process for business school. I considered myself a good essay writer so I was questioning what value could really be added. After reviewing the testimonials on Alex’s site, and chatting with him for about 30 minutes, I was convinced he would be able to help me in the process and I am sure glad that I decided to work with him. Alex was very honest with his feedback on what schools were realistic targets. After discussing some options, I settled on a five-school package. Although I had gotten started a bit later than I would have liked, Alex worked with me to get in four Round 1 applications, and ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2018, Admit
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