Doris Huang


United States

Consultant Bio

It must be something in the water… Doris credits growing up in Silicon Valley for her lifelong interest in entrepreneurship.

Prior to business school, Doris spearheaded the global non-profit organization Ashoka’s search and evaluation efforts for high-impact social entrepreneurs in Mexico and Central America. After receiving her MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Wharton, Doris is now building her own business at the intersection of real estate and hospitality: she has partnered with an investor to open a New York-themed food hall (a collection of mini-restaurants under one roof) in Manhattan.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Doris worked in various corporate functions at Godiva Chocolatier, including marketing, innovation, finance, and strategy. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Harvard and a master’s degree in Latin American economics from Oxford.

Outside of work, Doris recently completed her bareboat certification for sailing, which allows her to charter sailboats without a skipper; she can’t wait to explore all the new travel horizons that sailing opens up! She also plays tennis and volleyball, which both play important roles in working off all the calories she consumes while diligently eating her way through New York City’s incredible restaurant scene.

Company Information

Admissionado is a results-driven MBA admissions consulting agency. We have a lust for smart ideas and tactics that – quite simply – work. We embrace a two-person specialty approach to consulting, leveraging the talents of strategic business geniuses with masters of writing. Browse through our website to get a sense of our style, our process, our team, and our case studies. We’re a no-nonsense crew, committed to delivering a boutique experience that stretches potential and earns admit letters.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

We offer three different packages to accommodate individuals with different needs and budgets. Our Gold and Platinum packages include everything under the sun: deep strategic guidance plus comprehensive essay development, along with all the supporting elements such as interview prep, resume and LOR support, and unlimited access to your MBA consultant. We also offer a more economical Silver package (starting at $3,250) for those who prefer a more targeted experience: deep strategy plus comprehensive essay development (and the flexibility to add on any individual elements as needed).

Location: United States

Phone: 866-409-4753



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Highly Recommend Doris And The Entire Admissionado Team
    3 years ago
    Indian (with US citizenship), Engineering degree from an Indian university (not a feeder school per se, Non-IIT-ian), non-consulting or finance background, 710 GMAT and here I am with an admit to Wharton, Ross with $$$ and waiting on a couple of more results for the class of 2023. The problem I faced was that I didn’t know how to approach the application. How do I put my best version out there? Coming from a highly competitive applicant pool and how can AdCom look at my application and say “okay, this guy is unique and let’s give him a shot”. I looked over multiple options for my admissions consultant and finally decided on Admissiondo because of three reasons: 1) They didn’t sugarcoat anything. Doris was spot on my strengths ...
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    Class of 2023 Admit
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  • Great Job - Would Highly Recommend!
    3 years ago
    I thought the Admissionado team did a great job. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to work with a consultant. The team was very friendly and easy to work with.
    Class of 2023 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Fantastic Experience - Extremely Empathic & Knowledgeable
    3 years ago
    I met the Admissionado team this summer/fall. From the first moment, the entire team, led by Claudia, showed an outstanding interest in my profile and were always available to address all of my concerns. The Admissionado team has a very easygoing and friendly attitude, which makes the process much more pleasant. You truly feel you're surrounded by people who care about you and help you make the best decision, rather than seeing you simply as a client. I cannot stress enough how important this is. When you're deciding where to spend the next two years of your life and a hefty amount of money, talking to people who know this world well and that treat you with genuine interest, going the extra mile to understand ...
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    Class of 2023 Applicant
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  • Extremely recommend Admissionado and my consultant Doris Huang!
    5 years ago
    First things first. I purchased the Junior Deluxe Package, plus the resume, LOR support and interview support from A La Carte Services. In Round 1, I applied to LBS and Haas, and I received the offer from LBS and just finished the Haas's interview. I am extremely pleased with my experience with the Admissionado team and I would recommend it and my consultant Doris Huang to every one who is seeking admission services! Here I want to organize my review by highlighting Admissionado's flexible packages, well-operated process, and insightful contents provided by my consultant. 1. Packages: Admissionado provides a set of very flexible services to choose from, which takes into account the diverse needs of applicants. Since I am not so much into unlimited phone call access, ...
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    Jiabo Wan
    MBA Admit
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  • Doris is fantastic! Highly recommend Admissionado!
    6 years ago
    My Admissions Consultant, Doris Huang, is incredible and I would recommend her to anyone applying to business school. As a graduate of Wharton, and with degrees from Oxford and Harvard, she IS the sharpest tool in the shed. Every step of the way in my application process, she was right there with me. I sent her random questions/thoughts about my applications nearly every day and her responses were consistently quick, well thought out, and helpful. Her turnaround time for my essay and other application document revisions was very consistent (there is a 72-hour guaranteed turnaround, but they sometimes would return my documents even more quickly). My essays and resume went from mediocre at best to stellar by the end of it. While she never ...
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    - Reed Romine
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