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I’ve been on the other side of the table for over 10 years, sitting in admissions committees and holding the final decision of ‘accept’ or ‘deny’ for thousands of MBA applicants. I know what it takes to get into the top business schools. I can differentiate the stellar application from the mediocre, the one with the good story from the one with just high test scores, the one that tells you about their determination to succeed from the one who is unprepared for the challenge of business school.

I have an MBA from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business and an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Franciscan University of Steubenvile in Ohio.

Company Information

Headquartered in Southern California, with talented admissions consultants in North America, Europe, and Asia, Accepted can assist you, no matter where you are. With a staff of former admissions directors, published authors, and experienced consultants, we’ve been helping MBA applicants to top business schools for more than 20 years. We know the admissions biz. We know how to help you get accepted.


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We offer comprehensive application packages as well as flat-rate and hourly options for “ala carte” services like essay editing, interview prep, resumes, and waitlist guidance. You can also start on a flat-rate basis and then switch to hourly plans for later work. Plus, we encourage new clients to start with a small purchase, like one hour, and then if they like us, purchase more or upgrade to packages. Check out our flexible service options at

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Phone: 310-815-9553



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Best Advice in the Appropriate Moment
    3 months ago
    My experience with Esme was absolutely superior. To make it simple I would argue this based on three key pieces of evidence from my own experience. First, Esme was straightforward in our communication. She was honest and clear, two aspects that are fundamental when you are applying to pursue your MBA at a top business school around the world. She was completely engaged in what was best for me, the candidate. Second, she provides top quality comments and advice in a very short period of time. Although we worked always with a good margin of time, this fast pace on working allowed us to make as many turns and tweaks as possible. Lastly, she was always very nice, something valuable as applying to business school ...
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    Nico Bascunan
    MBA Class of 2020 Admit
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  • Ace Consultant & Agency
    5 months ago
    Before I speak any good things about Accepted and Esmeralda, please see my results: I got accepted by an S16 business school in NY, where I always wanted to start my MBA. I also got accepted by 6 other top 25 schools. I received a full scholarship, 40% scholarship, and 60% scholarship from some schools I applied to. Oh, by the way, I basically finished all these schools applications within two or three weeks. I was talking to a few admission service providers around mid-Dec 2018, a few days before Christmas. I decided to work with Esmeralda because she appeared more willing to help while other providers' attitude was like "ok if you want me I will help otherwise I have other customers too". Also, Esmeralda talked ...
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    Class of 2021 Admit
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  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E
    3 years ago
    A year ago I was desperate looking for help to make my applications and full of stress because I was not able to dedicate all the time I wanted to my MBA dream. Then Esmeralda appear! For the first time, I was able actually to count with someone and to find some guidance during the process. It was the first time that I heard about Georgetown and the world full of possibilities. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish my application, I got "burned out" because of my work and in the end, I was frustrated because besides been sick I had accomplished nothing. But there, it was you who understand and gave the chance of trying again. I have to confess that after finish ...
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    Class of 2017 Anonymous
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  • Great advice
    3 years ago
    I hired the essay editing service from Accepted and was assigned Esmeralda as my consultant. She showed a deep knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the business schools I was applying to and helped me realise the aspects of my profile that I needed to highlight. Additionally, her recommendations were very practical, which made things very easy. She also answered my emails extremely fast, it was like having someone dedicated only to me! I felt she was genuinely interested in helping me. I was finally accepted in all of the programs I applied to! Couldn't have done it without her
    Class of 2016 Admit
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