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Sanford Kreisberg


Boston, Massachusetts

United States

Consultant Bio

The Cambridge Essay Service and HBSGuru.com was founded by Sandy Kreisberg, the former Director of Communications at the MIT-Sloan Business School, who has helped place hundreds of applicants into such leading business schools as HBS, Wharton, Stanford, Sloan, Columbia, Kellogg and Chicago since 1995.

Sandy taught Expository Writing at Harvard for eight years, 1980-88, specializing in the personal essay.

He also earned an M.A. at Harvard in English Literature in 1971.

Sandy is the author of Poets&Quants’ highly popular Handicapping Your MBA Odds series. He is frequently cited by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist and The Harvard Crimson as an expert in business school admissions. He has appeared on the Today Show and was interviewed by The Economist for its 2007 Business School Forum.

Company Information

We spend time on the phone in the early stages, doping out your career and mapping out a strategy. We can also help you decide which business school is best for you and what your chances are, but most of our clients already have a pretty good idea about that. So, the early conversations are a cross between career counseling and therapy.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

FROM SCRATCH EDITING — $2800 per school

Our plan for ultra-devoted types who want to maximize their chances for their Number 1 choice school. We give you a really no-bull discussion which includes your chances, what you might do to improve your application, and what schools are maybe better choices.  We also will review your recommendations, if you have access to them, and suggest tweaks in terms of details, etc. Who should sign up for From Scratch Editing ? Ultra dedicated, plan-ahead types who have absolutely dreamed of going to HBS, Wharton or Stanford their entire lives and just cannot wait to get going.

ONE-TIME SANITY CHECK — $900.00 per school

If you email us your entire application including the essays, data sheet, recs (if you have them), and resume, we will go through each question, appraise its strengths and weaknesses, point out key mistakes, make suggestions for improvement [or deletion] and figure out a better spin. We will also give you ‘macro’ advice about positioning, the proper balance of work versus non-work content, the proper ‘voice’ to use given you ‘positioning’ strategies.


Sandy has personally conducted thousands of HBS mock interviews and his advice and practice is based on this experience. We can also help you with Stanford, Wharton and other schools.  We will help you formulate your core story in ways which can be applied to many questions. We can predict trouble areas in your application and help you come up with talking points to deal with them. The mock interview is done by phone.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Phone: 617-354-2242

Email: hbsguru@gmail.com

Website: http://www.hbsguru.com

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