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About Me:

I am a final year Chemical Engineering student from the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy, an institute at par with IITs and IIMs. I’m someone who is really passionate about the environment and energy. That’s why I focussed my research on energy conservation and air pollution. To consolidate my knowledge on the field, I have done internships in the best institutes in the country: IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad. I have also done my internship in the United Nations Environment Programme which was a unique opportunity with rich international experience. Apart from my academics and research interests, I’m into writing articles and have served as the Official Article Writer of IIPE. I like to socialize and interact with people, I think this was one of my qualities that made the General Secretary for the student body in IIPE.


Target School: Kellogg SOM

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy

Undergrad Major: Chemical Engineering

GPA: 4.0

GRE: 317

Age: 21,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Extracurriculars: Blogging, Photography, Badminton

Work History:

Big Life Wins:

I have received the Academic Excellence Award for the second-highest ranked in the Institute, from the Governor.

Post MBA Goal:

Would like to get into consulting roles. Later down the line, I’d like to start up my own firm.


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  • mbaMission Odds Assessment: 15%

    Hi Mr. High Aspirations,
    We definitely need smart people like you in the area of environmental conservation! This is Debbie Choy from mbaMission. I think you have a lot of strengths in your profile – strong academic track record (GPA, Academic Excellence Award), your STEM background and your leadership at school. That said, your GRE is a shade softer than the average at Kellogg. I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker per se because AdCom does evaluate your profile holistically. As you put your app together, do weave in your personal stories to help AdCom understand why you are passionate about the environment and energy. Further, why do you wish to get into consulting in the future? And why MBA? If you’re able to incorporate these stories …

    3 years ago Read the full review
  • Stratus Admissions Counseling Odds Assessment: 15%

    Hi Mr. High Aspirations, This is Donna Bauman with Stratus Admissions and I congratulate you on your accomplishments from college. Your research about energy and the environment is very impressive—and we need smart people thinking about how to help our environment. In some ways you do have a background that could be impressive at Kellogg for deferred admit programs in that you have excellent grades and a STEM background. However, your GRE score is on the softer side for a deferred admit option. I would encourage you to take this again if you can before you submit. However, I think if you have a strong leadership story in your Kellogg essay that will also be helpful. If you are open to looking at other deferred …

    3 years ago Read the full review

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