Ross | Mr. Automotive Compliance Professional
GMAT 710, GPA 3.7
Wharton | Mr. Digi-Transformer
GMAT 680, GPA 4
Stanford GSB | Ms. 2+2 Tech Girl
GRE 333, GPA 3.95
Stanford GSB | Ms. Healthcare Operations To General Management
GRE 700, GPA 7.3
Chicago Booth | Ms. CS Engineer To Consultant
GMAT 720, GPA 3.31
Kenan-Flagler | Mr. Engineer In The Military
GRE 310, GPA 3.9
Chicago Booth | Mr. Oil & Gas Leader
GMAT 760, GPA 6.85/10
Stanford GSB | Mr. Seeking Fellow Program
GMAT 760, GPA 3
Wharton | Mr. Real Estate Investor
GMAT 720, GPA 3.3
Cornell Johnson | Ms. Chef Instructor
GMAT 760, GPA 3.3
Harvard | Mr. Climate
GMAT 720, GPA 3.4
Wharton | Mr. New England Hopeful
GMAT 730, GPA 3.65
Berkeley Haas | Mr. Bangladeshi Data Scientist
GMAT 760, GPA 3.33
Harvard | Mr. Military Banker
GMAT 740, GPA 3.9
Ross | Ms. Packaging Manager
GMAT 730, GPA 3.47
Chicago Booth | Mr. Private Equity To Ed-Tech
GRE 326, GPA 3.4
Harvard | Mr. Gay Singaporean Strategy Consultant
GMAT 730, GPA 3.3
Cornell Johnson | Mr. Electric Vehicles Product Strategist
GRE 331, GPA 3.8
Columbia | Mr. BB Trading M/O To Hedge Fund
GMAT 710, GPA 3.23
Columbia | Mr. Old Indian Engineer
GRE 333, GPA 67%
Harvard | Mr. Athlete Turned MBB Consultant
GMAT 720, GPA 3.4
Ross | Mr. Civil Rights Lawyer
GMAT 710, GPA 3.62
Stanford GSB | Mr. Co-Founder & Analytics Manager
GMAT 750, GPA 7.4 out of 10.0 - 4th in Class
Cornell Johnson | Ms. Environmental Sustainability
GMAT N/A, GPA 7.08
Cornell Johnson | Mr. Trucking
GMAT 640, GPA 3.82
Ross | Mr. Low GRE Not-For-Profit
GRE 316, GPA 74.04% First Division (No GPA)
Harvard | Mr. Marine Pilot
GMAT 750, GPA 3.98


Mr. Miner

About Me:

Hailing from a lower-middle-class family, I have faced financial hardships with limited access to resources throughout my early life. Tutoring children and earning scholarships in High School and Undergrad, I learned to thrive through difficulties and develop a resilience that has stood me in good stead while working in the mining industry, which has thrown up formidable challenges at every step. For instance, limiting dust generation is a major challenge while conducting opencast mining operations as the mine is situated in the city and the city dwellers should be least affected by it. Working in an extra capacity of Unit Nodal Officer (Environment), installed Air Quality Monitoring device and through dust sample analysis in correlation with wet drilling operation data help reduced dust generation by 50%. Further, having inhabitants in the vicinity of the mine boundary we have the challenging task of controlling ground vibrations from blasting. I collaborated with the blasting team and guided them to install seismometers while monitoring peak particle velocity. On this basis and with the help of the team I designed a controlled blast pattern for minimum ground vibrations. Resultantly, for the last 1 year not a single person or his property in the mine vicinity has got affected by blasting vibrations. However, the biggest challenge I faced was in 2018 when I was posted at Jharia Coalfields, which is not only known for its toughest geo-mining conditions (working in temperatures above 40 degrees and high humidity) but also for the impact of coal mafia and pilferage on the mining operations. People work in dangerous conditions when they can be attacked by goons of mafia anytime disturbing the equilibrium of the mine. Even during such situations, I lead my team fearlessly working as a Shift Assistant Colliery Manager. Firstly, I performed my duties during the night shifts to boost the morale of the staff, and secondly, I learned to liaison with local police and Central Industrial Security Force to keep the goons at bay. Thus, I lead my people with zero physical harm from any attack and without affecting the mining operations even though I was completely new to this experience. Not only did these experiences deepen my domain knowledge but they tested my resilience and creativity, as I analyzed and strategized to overcome various challenges. Also, working with people from different cultural backgrounds enhanced my emotional intelligence and made me more open-minded. Further, donning various hats in remote geographical locations made me flexible and adaptable, with the result that I acclimatize fast and defy the status quo to ring in positive change. For instance, working in the extra capacity of a Nodal Officer (Environment) of my unit I got an opportunity to change the image of the Mining Industry as a culprit of environmental damage by continuously adopting environment-friendly coal mining operations in coal storage, dispatch, and through mine dump plantations regimes.


Undergrad School: NIT RAIPUR

Undergrad Major: Mining

GPA: 8.01 India / 3.3 US

GMAT: 680

Age: 29,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Extracurriculars: Working with a NGO named Pathshala (providing free digital education to underprivileged children) in the areas of crowdfunding, mentoring, and management, Being a lifetime member of Mining Engineering Society, NIT Raipur I have mentored numerous students and provided many with internships and job opportunities through referrals, Secured second position in Badminton Team Event organized by annual college sports fest SAMAR - Jan 2014.

Work History:


Industry: Power / Energy

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 3 yrs


Industry: Manufacturing

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 3 yrs, 6 mos

Big Life Wins:

Working in highly toxic environments and challenging geo-mining conditions and coming from an industry which is infamously known for the highest on-job deaths and on top of that, the region which records the highest mining fatality rate in Jharkhand. I led my production team through collaboration with different cross-functional teams in efficient mine planning and strategizing. Operations with due diligence to safety without a single person injured under my leadership. Another achievement was when I was able to crowd-fund 40000 rs, which was to be invested in furniture for the new school building and stationery items for 40 underprivileged children.

Post MBA Goal:

Working in different roles in different geographies I have seen different people like Tribals, City Dwellers and Project affected people and how the mining projects which are providing energy security to the nation and are responsible for development of different set of people are affecting badly these people tribals Project affected people and city dwellers.Although these firms are trying to help foster the development of these people but I believe more needs to be done in this area.My passion is to create a business environment in the mining firms , in which employees are considerate enough to understand sense of responsibility and impact of their work on society and compassionate enough to allow whole-hearted inclusion of all the people who are being affected by the mining in the process of development.Upon graduation, I intend to work as an Operations Consultant with Bain and Company in Energy and Renewables sector. I am particularly interested in clean coal technologies as it is an ever-growing field. It is expected that the global Clean Technology market will surpass $4.6 billion as per Research Dive reports. I will help coal mining firms in optimizing their current mining operations, while factoring in the socio-economic and environmental impact of that optimization based on data analytics and help transform their operations by introducing them to clean coal technologies through smooth research-based transition models for their long-term sustainability and growth in the market. These are baby steps towards leading my consultancy into becoming an industry leader in providing clean energy solutions to the firms. This will ultimately help foster socio-economic development of the society and the nation without having a detrimental impact on the environment.


Target School: Tepper

Status: Open

Considering: IU Kelley, Georgetown McDonough, Scheller College of Business


The Experts Rate The Odds At: 25%

  • mbaMission | Odds Assessment: 25%

    Hi, it’s Nisha from mbaMission. Your background resonated with me, because I worked with a miner in Round 1. He secured admission into top MBA programs by focusing on his story, namely the impact he wanted to make in the mining industry (similar to you, he wants to make it safer and more efficient) based on what he had experienced and observed.

    Like him, I also recommend that you present a multidimensional view of yourself in your application, sharing your personal story and passions (including your NGO work) in your applications where appropriate so that the admissions committees can learn what is most important to you. Finally, ensure that you make a strong case for why each program is a good fit for you …

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  • Stratus Admissions Counseling | Odds Assessment: 25%

    Mr. Miner – Thanks for posting your profile. Susan here from Stratus.

    Your background will certainly stand out from others in the Indian subpool. I like that you are looking to improve the safety in the mining industry and protect workers and the general public. Stay focused on your story. You provided a lot of information some of which creates noise and detracts from your narrative. I encourage you to be specific about the impact you want to make and why an MBA from Tepper is the best next step towards your goals.

    Wishing you all the best.

    11 months ago

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