Mr. Spaceman

About Me:

I’m an active service military officer with approximately 7 years of service in the Army (4 as an infantry officer, 3 as a signal officer). At 7 years in I was selected to help stand up the Space Force as a cyber officer. My volunteer time and extracurricular activities are limited, but I’m looking to improve between now and application deadlines.


Target School: Wharton

Considering: Chicago Booth, Columbia, Tuck, Duke Fuqua, MIT Sloan

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Virginia Tech

Undergrad Major: Geography - GIS

GPA: 3.34

GRE: 322

Age: 30,  Ethnicity: White

Other Degree/Certification: Security + (IT Certification)

School Name: COMPTIA

Extracurriculars: Eagle Scout Association

Work History:

Title: Military Officer (Captain Promotable to Major)

Industry: Government / Military

Company: United States Space Force

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 1 mos

Title: Military Officer (Captain)

Industry: Government / Military

Company: Army

Length of Employment: 6 yrs, 10 mos

Big Life Wins:

– Promoted ahead of peers in military rank
– Lead multiple teams ranging from 10 to 250 people over an eight year military career.
– Graduated United States Ranger School
– Graduated United States Airborne School

Post MBA Goal:

I’d like to pivot into tech, consulting, or finance from my military career. I’ve always placed a premium on leadership, and my ultimate goal is to find a position within the aforementioned career fields where I can hold an influential leadership position.


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