Ms. Social Impact First

About Me:

Female, Latinx, with consulting experience focused on the public sector and development and with impact investment experience in a financial role.


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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Top Law School

Undergrad Major: Law

GPA: 3.7

GRE: 320

Age: 29,  Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino

Other Degree/Certification: Master's Degree in Finance

Extracurriculars: Member of the board of directors of 2 foundations. Created the volunteer program, increasing the number of volunteers by 40% YoY. In the other foundation, led a financial restructuring of the organization, received it almost in a process of closing due to financial difficulties. | Legal translator for immigrants in DACA process in USA. | Led more than 2 trials as a probono lawyer for international foundations as part of a law firm.

Work History:

Title: Non profit impact investor

Industry: Nonprofit / B-Corp

Company: Major NGO/NPO

Length of Employment: 4 yrs, 3 mos

Title: Consulting

Industry: Government / Military

Company: Boutique Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 8 mos

Big Life Wins:

1. Saving a children’s foundation on the verge of bankruptcy.
2. Making the decision to leave Big Law and opting to social impact.
3. Co-founding employee groups in my company focused on providing mentoring to excluded communities to increase DEI.

Post MBA Goal:

Founding a B corp focused on supporting sustainable agriculture adaptation practices.


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