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School Data

Annual Tuition: CHF97,500

Annual Tuition Non-Resident: CHF97,500

Acceptance Rate: 28%

Full-Time Enrollment: 105 - 110

Median GMAT: 680

International: 97%

Female: 35%

Male: 65%

Average Age: 30

Application Deadlines: February 1, 2022; May 1, 2022; July 1, 2022; September 1, 2022

The IMD MBA: What You Need To Know

The IMD business school, based in Lausanne on Lake Geneva, likes to call its MBA a “one-year leadership development program” which aims to transform students’ careers. MBA Dean Omar Toulan is confident that the program will develop leaders who challenge what is and inspire what could be, while transforming organizations and contributing to society. The idea, he says, is to do it through reflective and responsible leadership.

“Reflective and Responsible Leadership means that we don’t create leaders; we help develop skills & the ability to make tough/difficult decisions and communicate them. Today’s challenging environment places even more importance on the value of effective leadership. Addressing this challenge is at the core of IMD’s mission and our aim to foster the development of reflective and responsible leaders,” says Dean Toulan.

As a school that specializes in executive education, the MBA is designed to give students a personalized leadership experience, developing students into responsible leaders who can sustainably impact society.

A strong support system is provided through the 1:2 faculty-to-student ratio and 20 sessions with a psychoanalyst.

As for curriculum, the personalized leadership development experience integrates classes, live business cases, personal coaching and company projects across the globe. Students are assigned personal career coaches who help them understand their leadership style and find a suitable job after they graduate. Mentorship is a strong element; students are assigned alumni who can advise them in their career journey.

The program learning journey is supported by four pillars – first, it focuses on developing reflective and responsible global leaders. Next is the experiential element of the program, where over 40% of learning takes place outside the traditional classroom, giving students actionable insights that they can directly apply. This personalized approach of the school aims to help students better understand what drives them and the environment they will best thrive in, while simultaneously learning the skills they need to bring sustainability to their careers.

A focus on sustainability is a red thread throughout the program, with new experiential activities, labs and debates as well as partnerships designed to develop students’ ability to make a positive impact. For two weeks they travel to different countries to explore global challenges and innovative solutions and a variety of labs and experiential exercises are organized in partnership with the WBCSD, such as a 2-day COP simulation.

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Contact Information

IMD MBA Office
Chemin de Bellerive 23, P.O.Box 915
1001 Lausanne, Switzerland
Admissions Office:
+41 21 618 0298
School Social Media:

From IMD Business School:


2022 will mark the 50th anniversary of the IMD MBA. The IMD MBA is a one-year, full-time leadership journey for those with the ambitions to make a real difference in a complex and rapidly changing world.


More than ever, we believe the world needs leaders who are globalists, who are digitally savvy, and who have an entrepreneurial mindset. We have designed the IMD MBA to equip candidates with these skills so that they graduate ready to face and impact tomorrow’s challenges.


IMD’s campus is situated in the international environment of Lausanne, Switzerland. Surrounded by lakes, vineyards, and mountains, the country offers not only a beautiful setting but is also the leading country for innovation and is a leading global FinTech hub.

While here, our participants are exposed to the local eco-system of technology and research programs such as the EPFL Blue BrainProject, startups, NGOS, and sports federations.

Numerous multinational companies have also chosen to base their headquarters in this vibrant region, from the traditional finance and banking sectors to pharma and luxury goods as well as industry leaders such as Cisco, Nestlé, Philip Morris and Medtronic.

And about 9,000 executives from multinationals around the world, choose IMD to continue their learning development and participate in our top-ranked executive programs.

The Program

The IMD MBA has been designed to deliver an intimate, personalized leadership development experience with an unmatched emphasis on entrepreneurship, globalization, and digitalization while equipping participants with the classic MBA toolkit. Our 1:2 Faculty MBA ratio enables professors to get to know each class member’s profile and aspirations, and individual leadership coaching and career advice help participants to understand themselves, and their strengths and weaknesses, better. Both the leadership stream and the career development stream run throughout the year. The leadership stream combines classes in the auditorium with experiential exercises both on and off-campus and an optional 20 hours with an analyst. In fact, over one-third of the program is experiential, developing hands-on experience of business skills, teamwork and the ability to find ways to collaborate with other...

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