What Companies Are Paying MBAs This Year


Expected Median MBA Starting Salaries By Industry

Source: GMAC 2012 Corporate Recruiter Survey
Median base starting salaries varied by industry, the report showed. Comparing MBA base salaries within U.S. companies, there is a $11,000 range in starting salaries, with the lowest median base salary being offered in the health care and pharmaceuticals sector ($89,000), and the highest in consulting ($100,000). Further variance within industry was also noted. For instance, in the 25th percentile range, consultants in the United States would typically earn $85,000, on average, while those in the 75th percentile may start with a median base salary closer to $130,000.


Expected Median Starting Salaries For MBAs By World Region

Source: GMAC 2012 Corporate Recruiter Survey

GMAC said U.S. MBAs tended to receive the highest starting salaries. In Latin America, for example, recruiters expect to pay median starting pay to MBAs of just $44,616, while in Asia-Pacific they plan to pay just $25,929. “The 75th percentile salary range for both the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions falls below the 25th percentile for salary reported in the United States. These differences tend to reflect disparities in cost of living and local demand for graduate area of expertise,” said GMAC.

A few notable differences emerge in analysis by geographic region:

 While median MBA starting salaries in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America are below those of the United States, the report found that more Asia-Pacific and Latin American companies are increasing their starting salaries in 2012.

 Nearly a quarter (23%) of Asia-Pacific companies plan to raise their MBA hire starting salaries above the rate of inflation, and an additional third (33%) plans to increase salaries at the rate of inflation in 2012.

 Sixteen percent of Latin American companies will raise starting salaries above the rate of inflation in 2012 and 57% will be increasing salaries at the rate of inflation.

 The majority of European companies (64%) will offer starting salaries at the same level as 2011, without adjusting for inflation.

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