World’s Best B-School Professors: Christine Moorman

A marketing guru, Fuqua’s Christine Moorman keeps her hand on the pulse of the world’s top corporate marketers and is one of the world’s best business school profs

Christine Moorman

Fuqua School of Business

Claim to Fame: Marketing guru

Age: 50


University of Pittsburgh, PhD, Marketing

University of Pittsburgh, MBA

Northern Kentucky University, BS

At Fuqua Since: 1999

Before Fuqua: University of Wisconsin School of Business faculty member

Fun Fact: I participated in Junior Achievement in high school and sold tickets for an annual trade fair in which we marketed our products to the public.  In a contest to sell the most tickets for the fair, I sold 5,000 tickets in four months.  It landed me a four-year scholarship to college!

If I wasn’t teaching, my dream job would be: Can I have three?  I would love to run an orphanage for disadvantaged kids who need support to reach their full potential. I would like to work for a design company, such as IDEO. I would find the collaborative and creative nature of such an environment very rewarding. Finally, I would like to serve in a political office, but don’t know if I could take all the talk with no walk in politics today.

Best part of the job: I enjoy dreaming up ways to equip my students to help companies contribute to the well-being of their customers.

Worst part of the job: I don’t like designing exams or trying to connect with students who don’t want to learn new ideas.

If you’re wondering if the U.S. will ever escape the looming dark cloud known as the Great Recession, “Just ask the marketing experts,” says Fuqua marketing professor Christine Moorman. In August 2008, Moorman founded the CMO Survey, an online survey that collects the opinions of top marketers twice a year to help predict the future of markets. Marketing execs such as Stephen Quinn, CMO of Wal-Mart and Marc Pritchard, Global Marketing Officer for Procter & Gamble contribute their insights and expertise to Each February and August Moorman surveys these and other top marketers to gauge the strength of the economy from a marketing and consumer perspective. In February 2011, Moorman’s survey of more than 500 reported high optimism and predicted “dramatic improvements on all economic fronts.”

With her expertise and teaching, the CMO Survey founder has established a solid reputation as marketing guru. At Fuqua, her teaching focuses on marketing strategy while her research examines the effects of marketing innovation, marketing alliances and networks, marketing responses to public policy, and consumers’ use of health and nutrition information. She is also author of the book Strategy from the Outside In: Profiting from Customer Value. Moorman has authored more than 60 academic journal articles and has made over 100 presentations of her work at firms and universities around the world.

Students Say:

“Christine is a wonderful mix of energy and passion. Her enthusiasm easily rubs off onto her students. The cases in her course are always current and connected to urgent business problems. She handles case discussions effectively, listens to every student’s view and answers every question. The students also discuss their solutions with her guest speakers (industry leaders) who face similar challenges at work every day. In the true spirit of Fuqua, she embraces diversity and encourages teamwork. Professor Moorman is a pioneer, professional, and a pundit all rolled into one!” — Sarv Kothandaraman (Duke MBA 2012)



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