Where MIT Sloan MBAs Work & What They Do

Where do Sloan MBAs work and in what industries?

With its wealth of membership data, LinkedIn is now providing a glimpse into this answer. Of course, not all Sloan MBAs are registered with the professional networking site so it’s an obviously incomplete list. Even so, the data provides an interesting window into the most likely employers of Sloanies as well as the most likely industries that attract its graduates.

Source: LinkedIn membership data

Perhaps the single biggest surprise is the number two employer of Sloan MBAs? It’s MIT, according to LinkedIn, right after McKinsey & Co., the powerhouse consulting giant. As you’d expect given the reputation of MIT as a home for engineers and hi tech people, technology looms large among the top employers of Sloan MBAs.

In the top ten, for example, are IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. But go just a bit further down the list and you’ll find Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Accenture, EMC, and Dell.

There’s also the big financial service firms, with Citicorp being the largest single employer of Sloan MBAs who have chosen finance as their field. But Goldman Sachs is not far behind. Boston-based Fidelity Investments also employs a sizable number of Sloan alums, some 51 LinkedIn members with Sloan MBAs say that Fidelity is their current employer.

Like all the other top business schools, most Sloan alums work in the finance function which has some 1,212 LinkedIn members. Business development is a close second, however, with 1,043 Sloan MBAs on LinkedIn, while consulting is third with 1,026 LinkedIn members.

Information technology is the fourth most popular field for Sloan MBAs–and that is a significant difference from most other business school alumni networks.

MIT Sloan: Where the MBAs Work & What They Do

Company LinkedIn Members Industry LinkedIn Members
McKinsey & Co. 187 Finance 1,212
MIT 148 Business Development 1,043
IBM 102 Consulting 1,026
Google 92 Information Technology 949
Boston Consulting Group 88 Administrative 894
Microsoft 79 Operations 733
Amazon 73 Entrepreneur 678
Citicorp 67 Marketing 649
Goldman Sachs 66 Engineering 638
Bain & Co. 66 Product 591
Intel 65 Sales 446
Deloitte 62 Public Relations 236
Cisco Systems 55 Human Resources 177
Oracle 51 Creative 165
Fidelity 51 Support 126
Hewlett-Packard 50 Legal 64
Accenture 47 Medical 62
Vale 47 Accounting 59
EMC 45 Buyer 42
Boeing 44 Real Estate 27
Dell 41
Facebook 25
Barclays Capital 33
Morgan Stanley 33

Source: December 2012 LinkedIn membership data

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