Where Wharton MBAs Work & What They Do

Where do Wharton MBAs work and in what industries?

With its wealth of membership data, LinkedIn is now providing a glimpse into this answer. Of course, not all Wharton MBAs are registered with the professional networking site so it’s an obviously incomplete list. Even so, the data provides an interesting window into the most likely employers of Wharton MBAs as well as the most likely industries that attract its graduates.

Source: LinkedIn membership data

The No. 1 employer of Wharton MBAs is not a financial firm, despite the school’s long-time strength in that discipline. It’s McKinsey & Co., largely by virtue of its status as the number one elite MBA employers. According to LinkedIn, some 397 of its members with Wharton MBAs say they work for McKinsey. The second biggest employer of Wharton MBAs is Goldman Sachs with 348 LinkedIn members.

Indeed, five of the eight largest employers of Wharton MBAs are in the field of finance. After Goldman, there’s No. 4 Citicorp, No. 5 Morgan Stanley, No. 7 Merrill Lynch, and No. 8 J.P. Morgan. According to LinkedIn, Merrill Lynch has four times as many Wharton MBAs to Harvard, 237 versus 62, as of December, 2012.

Wharton MBAs seem to like their alma mater. The University of Pennsylvania employs some 324 Wharton MBAs, more than any other employer after McKinsey and Goldman Sachs.

The number one industry is no surprise at all: It’s finance, with 7,025 LinkedIn members, followed by business development, consulting, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Wharton MBAs: Where They Work & What They Do


CompanyLinkedIn MembersIndustryLinkedIn Members
McKinsey & Co.397Finance7,025
Goldman Sachs348Business Development2,954
University of Penn324Consulting2,793
Morgan Stanley282Marketing2,244
Boston Consulting Group276Sales1,802
Merrill Lynch237Administrative1,707
J.P. Morgan227Operations1,407
Bain & Co.215Information Technology1,264
IBM205Human Resources805
Credit Suisse193Engineering714
Google193Public Relations645
American Express151Accounting484
JPMorgan Chase148Medical417
Wells Fargo146Support377
Johnson & Johnson137Real Estate188
Morgan Stanley Wealth137Buyer 151
Deutsche Bank134
Barclays Capital132

Source: December 2012 LinkedIn membership data

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