Best Pick-Up Lines By Harvard MBAs?

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Who are the most eligible MBAs at Harvard Business School?

Sure, it’s not as vexing a question as the challenges faced by a chief financial officer who is dealing with massive debt on the balance sheet of her company. Or a CEO who is managing through a crisis that could forever damage the reputation of his company.

HBS student Stephanie Swingle

But with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the student newspaper at Harvard Business School, The Harbus, named 31 of the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes currently studying for their MBA. And then asked their thoughts on dating, romance, and love.

In a feature under the headline Harvard Business School’s Most Eligible, The newspaper asked each first- and second-year section to select their most eligible singles to celebrate Valentine’s Day and then picked favorites.

Each most eligible nominee dishes on his or her best attribute, pre-date ritual, most romantic spot on campus, the most effective pick-up line, and what they find to be a deal breaker in a partner.

HBS student Amol Shah

Consider Stephanie Swingle. Her pre-date ritual? “Unabashedly jamming out to Jay-Z, SHM, and/or Taylor Swift while ‘getting ready’ (and subsequently losing track of time because, well, I throw a pretty awesome one-woman dance party).” Swingle says the most romantic spot on campus is “the foot bridge. Or the JFK bridge. Or even the cab stand….when it comes to a romantic moment, any spot that leads away from campus is probably a good bet!”

Or consider Amoi Shah, whose Johnny Depp-like looks apparently allow him to get away with a “pick-up line” of just “Hey!” with a smile.

Our personal favorites:

Most Effective Pick-Up Lines:

“Is that quinoa on your plate?” – Pamela Sud

“Please step away from the bar – you’re melting all the ice!” – Martin Vaivods

“HBS” – Aris Theologis

“I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal” – Andrew Stein

“Aren’t you the guy I’m supposed to buy a drink?” – Jackie Rogers

“I am the white Jason Bae” – Matt Bornstein

“Let’s tear up the dance floor” – Prita Kumar

“Write your number on a napkin, walk up to a girl and say, ‘Here, you dropped my number’” – Prince Idichand

“So you think you can dance?” – Sarah Cannon

“There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it” — Ivan French

“Maybe I could cook for you one day?” – Lorraine du Peloux de Saint-Romain

“Excuse me. I think you have something in your eye. Nope, it’s a sparkle” – Shauna Casey

Pre-Date Rituals:

“Ice shots of champagne (liquid courage)” – Pamela Sud

“Google search” – Sarah Cannon

“Seven push-ups. Because I get swoll. But not too swoll.” – Aris Theologis

“Rapping with The Sugarhill Gang to Rapper’s Delight” – Andrew Stein

“Dance party in my room and/or glass of scotch – depends on the date” – Anna Yoon

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