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One Liners:

Change Management: The MBA Is Being Transformed, For Better And For Worse

Source: The Economist

MBAs Help Out The Girl Scouts

Source: http://www.omaha.com/article/20131012/MONEY/131019642/1707

Stanford’s B-School Sensation: Plot A Takeover In Two Weeks

Source: Forbes

How Useful Are MBAs For Starting Your Own Business?

Source: BBC

Most Cost-Effective Private Business Schools (Slideshow)

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The Stanford MBA Behind The Government Shutdown

Source: Wall Street Journal

Overcoming Low GPAs and GMATs

Source:  Accepted.com

MBA 2.0? Inside The New Stanford Graduate School of Business MOOC lab

Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal

MBA Humor

Employee Bonuses

Faced with hard times, the company offered a bonus of $100.00 to any employee who could come up with a plan to save money.

The bonus went to a young man in accounting who suggested limiting future bonuses to $10.00.

Source: Funniest Clean Jokes

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Eric MacLise @EricMacLise2h

If you’re ever asked a question in business school, “Blackberry” is generally a safe answer.

Madison Keizer @Madkei3h

I have written at least 7000 words this week in my attempts to create perfect mba application essays… #sotiredofwriting