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Introduction to Applied Investing

School: Marquette University

Platform: Canvas

Link: Introduction to Applied Investing

Start Date: May 5, 2014 (Self-paced)

Workload: Not Specified

Instructor: David S. Krause, Ph.D.

Credentials: Dr. Krause teaches investment courses at Marquette University, where he also serves as the Director of the Applied Investment Management program. Krause, who completed his doctoral studies at the University of Texas-Austin, is also an entrepreneur who has helped launch companies in the financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. 

Graded: No

Description: This course focuses on the basics of investing. It covers “common stock, bonds, real estate, alternative investments, and the various methods of investing.” In the end, students will understand how financial markets work; how to evaluate potential investment opportunities; the common mistakes made by investors; and how to execute a strategic, long-term investment strategy with their portfolio.

Review: None

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