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Introduction to Strategic Thinking

School: None

Platform: Canvas

Link: Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Start Date: May 19, 2014 (4 Weeks)

Workload: 1 Hour Per Week

Instructor: Sandjar Kozubaev

Credentials: Kozubaev has worked in strategic and business consulting for over eight years. He earned a BA in economics from Tashkent State Oriental Studies Institute, a master’s in strategy and economics from the University of St. Andrews and an M.B.A. in design strategy from California College of the Arts.

Graded: Not Specified

Description: This interdisciplinary course will draw on lessons and concepts from “economics and game theory, scenario planning, and futures studies, as well as philosophy and language.” Designed as a quick introduction, it will incorporate case study readings, video and audio lectures, and quizzes to teach the basic frameworks behind long-term, big picture thinking.

Review: None

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