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How to Make the Most of the Summer


I can’t believe it’s almost over. OK, that’s being overdramatic. We still have five weeks until Labor Day (football!). Chances are, you’ve procrastinated on a good many things. Everyone has.

But there’s still time to make up ground, particularly if you’re studying for the GMAT. In a recent column with Beat the GMAT, Varsity Tutors provided a helpful three-step guide to help you boost your score. Here is their advice:

* Complete a Diagnostic Test: “A GMAT practice test provides you with a baseline score, which is necessary to determine how far you are from your target result. This initial diagnosis will also assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. For example…test-takers who have difficulty with Integrated Reasoning problems may wish to enhance their problem-solving abilities.”

* Create a Long-Term Study Plan: “As you develop a GMAT study plan, work backward….determine when you can and should sit for the exam. What is the latest GMAT test you can complete without missing your application deadline? This will be your last resort in case you must retake the exam to achieve a higher score. In addition, decide upon the earliest date that you can feasibly sit for the GMAT. Based on your practice test, how much time do you need to properly prepare?”

* Determine Your Ideal Study Method: “If you can teach yourself concepts and remain on task without guidance, studying independently is a valid option…If you require individual attention…consider working with a tutor….GMAT tutors have often walked the same road to business school as you, and they can provide perspective on both the exam and the process of earning an MBA. A third option is to study with other prospective business school students. You can teach one another about the areas you understand best. Share your skills! You will also benefit from a support system of fellow business school applicants who know what you are going through.”

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Source: Beat the GMAT

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