50 Reasons To Date An MBA Student



“It’s like high school all over again!”

Even hear that about business school? Call it the circle of education. And it’s certainly a departure from being an undergrad. There, you could anonymously blend in among your peers. Only the chosen knew your name or story. Back then, you toiled in cramped lecture halls taught by TAs, an island unto yourself. You had your friends and activities. In the end, you were just a small piece.

In business school, there’s no where to hide. Like high school, MBA classes are smaller. And everyone knows your business. Here, the curriculum is only as good as the students. To make it work, you need to commit entirely. In business school, you can’t coast or act as a spectator. You’re sprinting around the clock, with late nights fueled by cheap takeout. As an MBA, your focus is to learn how to lead through influence as much as master theory. That means the real education often happens in group projects, clubs and competitions. Bottom line: You won’t find many recluses at Ross or loners at Sloan.

One thing hasn’t changed since high school: The dating scene. Sure, you’ll find plenty of students who are married or involved in serious relationships (for now). But B-school comes with a stereotype: It is a last chance to cut loose before settling down. Sure, some students behave like jackrabbits hopped up on Red Bull. But business school is often the perfect time for romance (during the second year, at least). With most students nearing their thirties, they’re naturally asking themselves, “What’s next?” Their friends and siblings are officially punching their “adult” cards by settling down. And students can’t help but notice the pickings are getting slimmer. B-school will be over before they know it. And then, what will they do (when they’re not clocking 80 hour weeks in Qatar)?

In other words, MBA romance is driven by psychology as much as biology. Just don’t expect Wharton’s hallways to be populated with males locking horns for the right to copulate with the nearest female. Between classes, group work, readings, networking, and PlayStation, there isn’t much time (let alone energy) for traditional dating. If you pair off with a classmate, you risk those smiles soon turning into scowls. If you date outside the b-school pool, how can you possibly fit that special someone into your crazy schedule?

Don’t sell yourself short. As a whole, MBAs are easily the best catches among graduate students. Why? Here are 50 reasons – some serious, some humorous – why any bachelor or bachelorette should make a b-line to the b-school for a date:

1) The business school admissions team has already screened your dates. No criminals or deadbeats here. You’re dating the best-of-the-best. Question is, can their etiquette live up to their GMATs?

2) MBA students are already buried in debt. And that turns some into big spenders. I mean, what difference does paying $1000 for a romantic ski weekend make when you already owe $100,000?

3) Business school jargon lends itself to dirty talk. Imagine the stirrings you’ll feel when you hear “end-to-end,” “low hanging fruit,” “ramp up,” and “face time.” Bring along a Marvin Gaye CD and strap yourself in for an unforgettable evening.

4) MBAs make serious marriage material. Remember: Dating an MBA will impress your parents. More importantly, it’ll make your siblings raging jealous. And isn’t that what you really want anyway?

5) Just ask this question to get their attention: “Would you rather make out or read about Blackberry?”

6) If you’re a 7, all that booze makes you an 11 (and vice versa).

7) Come laundry night, you’re certain to have (most of) their attention.

8) After not working for six months, MBA students will do just about anything for a free night out. If you’re paying, your beau will be there.

9) Five words from your mother: “You’re biological clock is ticking.”

10) Five words from your father: “You’re not gay, are you?”(Not that there’s anything wrong with that, dad)

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