Advice To The Next Generation Of MBAs

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One Liners:

Employers Want Communication Skills in New Hires



Business Schools Teaching Negotiation Skills That Don’t Work


Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Why An MBA Right Out of College is a Bad Idea


Source: Men’s XP

Don’t Make This Mistake In Choosing the Right MBA Program


Source: Admissionado

How to Get the Most Out of Your MBA


Source: Brazen Careerist

The Differences Between MBA Programs


Source: New York Times

5 Pearls of Wisdom Not Taught in Business School

Source: Huffington Post

Is MBA Sponsorship on the Rise?


Source: BusinessBecause

Using Rankings to Your Advantage


Source: Beat the GMAT

Business Schools Add Admissions Bells and Whistles


Source: New York Times

America Warms to One Year MBA


Source: BusinessBecause

European MBA Programs Roar Back with Economic Recovery


Source: BusinessBecause

Business Schools Aren’t Producing Ethical Graduates


Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Why Elite B-School Professors Become Policy Wonks


Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Admissions Directors: How to Get Into a Top-Notch MBA Program


Source: BusinessBecause

MBA Humor

Meeting Rules for Managers

1) Never arrive on time, or you will be stamped a beginner.

2) Don’t say anything until the meeting is half over; this stamps you as being wise.

3) Be as vague as possible; this prevents irritating the others.

4) When in doubt, suggest that a subcommittee be appointed.

5) Be the first to move for adjournment; this will make you popular – it’s what everyone is waiting for.

Source: Jokes4All

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Of top 10 study spots preferred by   prospects, 4 in APAC: India (#5), Hong Kong (#6), Singapore (#8), Australia (#9).

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Wait… A professor teaching “business” school, making a $60,000 salary is going to teach me how to be a millionaire? Hmmm