B-Schools Turn Up The Video Marketing

Asked to cite other schools that have done a good job with video marketing, Clark des Cognets says that she looked not only at what peer institutions have done but also at what other consumer marketing brands have done. “Part of what my makes my job interesting is seeing what other brands are doing to tell their story,” she says. “I didn’t want to tell the Wharton story or the HBS story or the typical business school story. We wanted to tell the Tuck story. The early feedback is yes you have captured that. It’s a unique and sometimes difficult thing to describe with just mere words that makes Tuck Tuck. You see it and you feel it and you experience it when you watch the video.”

Check it out:

And here are some other highly effective marketing videos by different schools.

Columbia Business School has smartly used video to promote its new branding campaign, At The Very Center of Business, leveraging New York City as the best place in the world to study business. This one is among a series of videos to get would-be students comfortable with living in New York.

University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management has effectively deployed brief videos to market the school to applicants in recent year, including a series of alumni profiles that portray successful graduates in action.

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