The Top Ten MBA Rankings Of 2014

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Look at any one major business school ranking and you get a useful but quite limited view of programs and institutions. And as this year’s volatility in the Bloomberg Businessweek ranking shows, different methodologies may produce surprising, or even dubious results. To obtain, via rankings, a more comprehensive and realistic picture of the business school ecosystem and its individual components, it’s necessary to make use of a number of rankings. Fortunately, for year’s end, Poets&Quants has compiled a rankings collection almost certain to be found nowhere else – a clearinghouse of school-by-school information, viewed from every relevant angle. And beyond the Top 10 rankings, we’ve provided links to another 10 rankings that will further fill in the business school picture with even more perspectives, measurements, and details.

The Top Ten Business School Rankings of 2014:

Graduate School of Business Knight Management Center - Stanford University1. Poets&Quants’ 2014 Top 100 MBA Programs in the U.S.

In the clash of the titans, a new victor emerges. For the first time since Poets&Quants debuted its composite ranking, Stanford Graduate School of Business edged out Harvard Business School. This ranking combines the five most influential business school rankings in the world, weighting them according to their degree of authority and credibility. The composite methodology cuts out many of the major rankings’ deficiencies, producing a list that’s now consulted more than The Economist’s.


London Business School2. Poets&Quants’ 2014 Best International Business School Ranking

Outside the U.S., European business schools dominate the high end of the MBA program spectrum. The U.K. and Spain each claim three spots in the top 10. One fast-rising star is Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, whose six-position rise over 2013 was matched by an Asian institution, the National University of Singapore’s business school, which finished 14th.


Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business is ranked 16th among the best B-schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants.3. The Best Online MBA Programs in the U.S.

While industry experts tend to agree that top full-time MBA programs have considerable staying power, there’s no ignoring the rise of online business education. At least 20 of the top 100 business schools now offer online MBA programs. And eight schools in the top 50 offer an online MBA. Generally, the better the school, the more their online MBA program resembles their on-campus MBA program.


poets_and_quants.034. Which Business School Rankings Really Matter?

Rankings here, rankings there, rankings everywhere – many are useful, but which ones are the most used? The Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants surveys business school applicants to find out which rankings are consulted the most. That U.S. News & World Report‘s ranking is now just ahead of Businessweek‘s as most-consulted is not a surprise. That Poets&Quants‘ ranking is now more consulted than The Economist‘s, Forbes‘, and The Wall Street Journal‘s might raise some eyebrows.

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