The Best Consulting Firms To Work For



These days, many students are being drawn to so-called “boutique consulting firms.” Such firms may lack in the prestige category, but they also free consultants to specialize in particular fields and potentially move up faster. Even more, most offer a lighter travel load and a higher quality of life.

The Insight Sourcing Group repeated as this year’s top performer among boutique firms. Devoted to strategic sourcing and procurement, the firm also has the chops to run with the big firms. Aside from ranking 17th overall, the Insight Sourcing Group also placed in the top five in several categories, headlined by firm leadership, vacation policies, and work/life balance. “The work life balance and company culture were two of the largest draws that brought me to Insight Sourcing Group,” wrote one employee. “Maintaining a proper work life balance for the entire firm is a clear priority of the management team. Due to the low travel policy and management culture, I am given the freedom and flexibility to prioritize my family life and be involved in my local community.”

Eagle Hill Consulting also left a mark in this year’s rankings. The top firm for overall satisfaction, vacation policies and hours in the office, the firm touts itself as a “family run, woman-owned company.”  And it walks the walk according to employees who responded to Vault’s survey. “Eagle Hill is very accommodating with people’s schedules and as long as people are get their work done, no one really questions the hours that a person works,” writes one respondent. Another says, “The firm has designed its business model around providing a quality of life experience to our employees.”

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