Ranking The Best MBA Alumni Networks

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  • Sarath Chandran

    It’s “IIM Ahmedabad,” not “IIM Admedabad.”

  • David Wittenberg

    I’m an alumnus of Thunderbird, and I’m disappointed that our alumni network doesn’t feature on this list. We have over 40,000 alumni working in over 140 countries. We have monthly alumni gatherings in many cities around the globe and larger, regional gatherings several times a year. We have functioning systems for both business and social networking. In terms of benefits to alumni, I’d rank our network in the top echelon. Our omission from these rankings is glaring in my view, but it may be understandable due to the rules of the game.

    We’re an odd bird for several reasons. First, until this year, we were never attached to a university, so we can’t unite around a football or basketball team. Second, we just changed hands and ceased to offer an MBA (our new parent, Arizona State, offers an MBA through the Carey School, so Thunderbird now has changed to a Masters in Global Management). Third, largely due to the international composition of our student body and alumni community, the culture of giving to one’s alma mater is not as strong as it might be at a US institution with an overwhelmingly American make-up, so we don’t score as high in this category.

  • B. Wana Mia, IV

    Important caveat: strong undergrad alumni networks and fraternities “trump” professional school alumni networks.

  • aguirrestom@aol.com

    Normally I think the compiled rankings by P&Q are about as accurate as they come, but this more closely resembles the Economist’s MBA rankings. I have been visiting schools, chatting with students, and have asked at each school how open alumni are to students. Tuck by far most available. Harvard have the advantage of such a large network so you can throw a lot of darts and I guess you will eventually find someone who will help you out. Wharton was surprisingly did not register as a very involved alumni network– I was told that if you reach out to alumni you should definitely try reaching to people with low seniority. SOM alumni seem to be super willing to help (which makes sense to me considering their recent alumni donations). Haas I’m sure is helpful because of it’s size and close community. MIT, couldn’t really get a feel for it