‘Tis The Season For B-School Holiday Videos

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that my mailbox was overflowing with holiday cards at this time of year. This season, I can count the number of mailed greetings, so far, on one hand. I treasure each and every one that brightens my fireplace mantle and reminds me what truly matters throughout the season – the blessings of friends and family.

It might appear that my circle is smaller – and certainly some ties weaken with the passing of time – but it’s more of a signal of our internet age. These days, I receive more and more digital cards. Meanwhile, a childhood friend who works at Penn State is introducing a new social media holiday tradition:

“Last year, after 25 years of writing Christmas letters (yes, we’ve been married THAT long), Jamey & I felt like we’d reached a good stopping point with that tradition–but making time to connect with people this time of year is important to me. An alternate idea came to me today–4 days before Christmas, of course! I’m aiming to send each of my FB friends a short, little Christmas message this year. I’m not sure I can do it–these messages could easily become Happy New Year, Happy MLK Day, Happy Valentines’ Day, and Happy Groundhog Day wishes–but I’m looking forward to the challenge–and the treat of connecting with you this way. :)”

Many of us share the same dilemma of how to connect with all the people who are important to us during a busy time of the year, and business schools are no exception.

As we ease into the school break, here are some holiday videos from business schools around the world. They share the same universal message of joy and gratitude, yet each one provides a glimpse into that school’s distinct identity.

Videos are a great way to showcase your program’s personality at any time of the year. They are also a smart marketing move to reach prospects where they are and propel your messaging faster than Santa’s sleigh. YouTube consumption continues to rise 100% every year and social videos produce 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

What does each video say about the school? My observations are below.


London Business School communicates their accolades, achievements, and positioning with a touch of lighthearted laughing at the end. It’s as if to say that serious doesn’t mean stuffy.


NUS Business School showcases their values of excellence, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and care. And for programs looking for competitive differentiation, what could be better than a curriculum that includes assembling a giant teddy bear?


You can tell that the Broad College of Business offers a strong school spirit that champions teamwork, even if Sparty gets a little competitive at the end of this fun video. Then again, he is a Spartan warrior.


This creative adaptation of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” reinforces Tepper’s focus on innovation. Music is known to boost creativity and cultivating a creative mindset is essential to business and career success.


IESE Business School in Spain takes a holistic approach to a meaningful career and life. As the school notes on their website: “We believe that true leadership is built on integrity; on striving for the best in yourself and in others and committing to making your mark on people, business and society.”

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