B-School Bulletin: Yale In Paradise Papers

Yale Reportedly Named In Paradise Papers

News from Yale School of Management

“Yale was one of more than 100 U.S. universities named in the Paradise Papers for employing offshore vehicles in investments, according to a Nov. 9 article in the Indian Express.

“The Indian newspaper published email exchanges between Yale’s assistant general counsel, Stephanie Chan ’97, and Appleby, a Bermuda law firm that assists global corporations and wealthy individuals with their offshore dealings. The newspaper said the emails are included in the Paradise Papers — a collection of millions of leaked loan agreements, financial statements, emails and other paperwork originating from Appleby and other offshore service providers. Transcripts of the emails provided in the article indicate that, in 2013, Yale asked for Appleby’s assistance with investing $100 million with Hong Kong and Mumbai-based firm Steadview Capital Management, through a ‘Yale-only’ entity based in Mauritius.

“It is unclear from the emails whether Yale went through with the investment. Still, the allegation appears to add Yale to a list of universities, including Princeton University, Columbia University and Stanford University, among others, revealed to be using offshore vehicles in their investments.”

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Ecosystems Are The Future Of Insurance

News from INSEAD

“Tesla has already changed the rules of the transportation and energy industries. Up next might be insurance. Earlier this year, Tesla announced that it would offer lifetime auto insurance bundled with the cost of the car. The company is betting that its improved machine learning will bring down the risk profile of its entire fleet of connected cars.

“Tesla’s announcement is only one of the many examples of how the traditional insurance model is poised for change. Traditional insurers have long relied on two customer touchpoints: at the time of sale and at the time of claim. As the world gets increasingly connected, the current data void between these two touchpoints is about to be filled.

“Insurance firms are already shifting in this direction. In the past, they captured data as a one-time event, using it to statically determine customers’ risk profiles and premiums. Today, they are embracing connected technologies, especially in the auto and health sectors, to offer personalised and dynamic insurance premiums to their customers.”

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Behavioral Economics Provides Means To Understand World Issues

News from Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business

“Behavioral economics is being widely used by companies, organizations, and even governments because of how it revolutionizes the way we make decisions, changes the way organizations operate, and influences how policies are implemented. People with knowledge of behavioral economics are thus highly sought after by companies searching for smartly designed behavioral interventions.

“At Carnegie Mellon University, behavioral economists use this unique blend of economics and psychology to solve pressing issues from rising health care costs and workplace discrimination to climate change and ‘fake news.’”

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At MIT, 90 Seconds To Win

News from MIT Sloan School of Management 

“The auditorium beneath the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s iconic dome provided a haven amid Boston’s rainy weather, sheltering the attendees of the MIT 100K competition. To the left, students tried their hand at formal attire and wore blazers two sizes too large and faded T-shirts—one could be heard saying, ‘I thought this would be acceptable. I’m definitely not used to dressing up.’

The common denominator among all attendees was an unequivocal desire to learn. Among the attendees existed a genuine curiosity to hear from entrepreneurs claiming to have novel solutions to pressing issues. Tuesday’s event didn’t concern itself with stale formalities and pompous presentations. Rather, the organizers emphasized that this was an opportunity to embrace failure as a natural component of any business’s lifecycle. While only one lucky startup would leave the competition with $5,000 in seed-funding, the other 19 would carry home something equal in value: the freedom to continue dreaming beyond the constraints of investor-driven agendas.”

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U.S. Army Veteran Andy Davis presents at the annual VETx event in the Ross School of Business

VETx Provides Stage For Veterans In Business School

News from University of Michigan Ross School of Business

“Taking on a theme similar to that of TED talks was this weekend’s third annual VETx event, a program where several Ross veterans spoke about their experiences after having served in either the U.S. or other nations’ armed forces. Over a hundred veterans and family members gathered in the Ross Colloquium for the event, which was hosted by the Armed Forces Association at Ross.

“As a part of the 2017 Veteran’s Week on campus, VETx aimed to offer veterans a platform to share their experiences with their peers and give the University community an opportunity to learn from their stories. This year’s celebration also had the unique distinction of honoring the largest class of veterans at Ross in the University’s history.”

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