B-School Bulletin: Trudeau Speaks!

CBC host Matt Galloway speaks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about social policy issues at the University of Toronto. Photo by Laura Pedersen

Justin Trudeau Talks Sexual Harassment At Toronto Rotman

News from University of Toronto Rotman School of Management 

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an appearance today at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, where he talked to CBC Metro Morning host Matt Galloway about a number of social issues including housing and sexual harassment.

“The event, ‘Looking Ahead: Preparing For the Next 25 Years of Social Policy,’ was organized by the Maytree Foundation and Caledon Institute of Social Policy, both public policy organizations that tackle poverty reduction.

“Last week, when unveiling the Liberal government’s $40 billion national housing strategy, Trudeau called housing a human right, which elicited a round of applause from the audience at Rotman. The 10-year plan would include repairs and construction of social housing and support for families in need.”

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Let’s Talk About The 0.01%

News from University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“Since the Great Recession, America’s wealthiest 1% have been demonized as fat cats who have grown ever richer while the middle class has stagnated. While protesters have called for the 1% to be taxed more heavily, economists have been digging into data to develop a better understanding of who the top earners are.

“These economists have been seeking to measure income inequality and wealth inequality, and to understand the nature of the 1%’s income and assets. And views differ. Some say the 1% are predominantly entrepreneurs and the ‘working rich,’ people who made their money by starting and running successful businesses. Other economists note that a significant proportion of the 1% are the heirs of wealth accumulated over time.

“But the data also reveal disparities within the 1%. The 1%, it turns out, have their own 1%.”

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Lorene Trickey, a Meals on Wheels Columbia driver for 45 years, was honored by the organization in October

Meals On Wheels: The Spirit Of The Driver

News from Columbia Business School

“One evening in 1972, Lorene Trickey was flipping through the newspaper. She was 40 at the time, married with kids, and kept a busy volunteer schedule through her church, mostly working with homebound seniors. She felt fulfilled. She wasn’t looking to add much to her life.

“’I came across a sheet that said “Volunteers,”‘ Trickey remembers. ‘Usually, I’d ignore that, cause I’m already doing a lot in my church, school. But somehow or another, that caught my eyes, and it said they were wanting to have a meeting to organize a Meals on Wheels program for Columbia.’

“Trickey hadn’t heard of it — Meals on Wheels America, the largest MOW organization in the country, wouldn’t be founded for another two years — but it seemed to fit her interests. And she likes meeting people. ‘I admired them for thinking of this and for doing this, but I told them right off: I wanted to be a part, but I wanted to drive.’”

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A new honors management and human organization program will be available May 2018 in the Liberal Arts and Management Program building. Photo by Rose Bythrow

New Major Bridges Gap Between Business, Liberal Arts

News from Indiana University Kelley School of Business

“The College of Arts and Sciences will offer a new major stemming from the Liberal Arts and Management Program, which is an existing honors program that connects liberal arts with the Kelley School of Business.

“The management and human organization major, which will be available for registration in May 2018, provides students more access to these classes than the selective  program, which only accepts 60-80 students to work toward the honors certificate, LAMP Director Rebecca Spang said.”

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