The Most Popular Graduate Business Degrees

After the MBA, the master of finance is the most popular graduate degree in business, followed by the master in management and the master of accounting

With all the hoopla over data analytics and with yet another business school launching a master’s program in the subject, you’d think the hottest of all the specialized master’s degrees in business would have to be the MS in business analytics. But before the current craze over analytics began, there have been a host of long-standing graduate programs in other popular business fields.

Finance and accounting are two of them. In fact, when the Graduate Management Admissions Council asked testtakers what programs they were targeting, finance came out on top by a fairly substantial margin (see table below), with nearly one in four respondents considering a master of finance program. In a dead tie for second place was the master in management and the master of accounting, both with 14% of the respondents saying those programs were in their consideration set. The master of data analytics was fifth overall, with 11% checking the box on those programs.

At the other end of the scale, only 2% of the respondents to the GMAC survey said they were considering at master’s program in health administration, while only 3% said they were looking at graduate programs in either real estate or engineering management.


Source: GMAC


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