What Duke Fuqua Seeks In MBA Applicants

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What Duke Fuqua Seeks In MBA Applicants

Making money and making a difference.

Those are the two things Bill Boulding, dean of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, says make a successful alumnus.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Boulding explained why he thinks most successful business school alumni are able to balance the two missions.

The Two Missions

Boulding cites Apple CEO Tim Cook and Gates Foundation co-chair Melinda Gates, both Fuqua alumni, as the prime examples of alumni who have succeeded in balancing the two missions.

Boulding says Cook has succeeded in making Apple one of the most valuable companies in the world.

“It’s no accident that they’ve become the most valuable company in the world because they’re serving consumer needs in a way that they’re helping to unlock human potential,” he tells Business Insider. 

On the other hand, Gates has helped to truly make a difference in answering “what can we do to use the resources that we have to change lives for the better?'” Boulding tells Business Insider.

What To Highlight When Applying To Fuqua

Although not everyone can be a Tim Cook or a Melinda Gates, there are a few ways applicants can position themselves for success when applying to Fuqua.

For one, it’s important to highlight your personality in your essay.

“Bringing forth my personality through my essays is very crucial as it’s really what differentiates you the most,” writes Kumar Ayush in an article for MBA Crystal Ball. “If someone has been socially active and energetic person, it should come out from essays directly or indirectly. Same goes with passion.”

According to Stratus Admissions Counseling, Fuqua’s admissions committee focuses on authenticity in an application

“They want to know what YOU plan on doing to make Fuqua a better place,” according to a blog post by the admissions counseling company. “Let them know what you are genuinely interested in doing and why you are passionate about a certain activity, club, or event. Relating clubs or events to past experiences will show that your plans are authentic.”

Additionally, it’s important to be clear about your goals and ambitions.

“Saying you want to be the President of the Tech club is great but that is not sufficient,” according to Stratus. “Elaborating on what you plan to do as President of the club, what unique skills you can bring to the position, and relating the position to your goals will make you stand out. You’ve just told the Admissions Committee about your short and long-term goals in the short answer questions. How will the contributions you plan to make to the Fuqua community help you reach those goals? Keep in mind that the goal is to show how you will help Fuqua, but tying that into your goals will add authenticity.”

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