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What is UC Berkeley? 8 times when UC Berkeley was an answer on ‘Jeopardy!’

News from UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business

“’Jeopardy!’ is the premier puzzle quiz show on television, a haven for trivia buffs, know-it-alls, and those looking to show off their niche interests. UC-Berkeley has strong roots in the ‘Jeopardy!’ universe, both in terms of contestants appearing on the show (including alumna Niki Peters, who competed on the ‘Jeopardy! College Championship’ in 2016 as a student) and as part of the questions. Here are eight examples of times Alex Trebek has posed questions to contestants in which the correct answer was our good old campus.

A brief disclaimer: Though Berkeley as a city has often been used as a ‘Jeopardy!’ answer, this list is limited to times when ‘UC Berkeley’ or ‘Berkeley’ in relation to campus would be considered correct. This list was also compiled using Jeopardy! data from the J! Archive online database.”

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MBA students snap a photo before they begin shadowing in the hospital. Owen photo

‘The Perfect Foundation’: Healthcare Immersion Introduces Students To The Industry

News from Vanderbilt Owen

“Over fall break at Owen, students donned scrubs and observed operating rooms and emergency departments. No, they weren’t physicians-in-training — they’re MBA students interested in the healthcare concentration at Vanderbilt Business.

“Since healthcare is such a complex industry, every fall the school puts on a week-long boot camp designed to get the MBAs up to speed and give them a taste of the industry. Throughout the week, students shadow doctors and nurses, visit healthcare facilities and companies, and listen to leaders from healthcare organizations large and small. Below are three MBAs’ reflections on the experience.”

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Staying On Top Of The Workplace Revolution

News from LBS

“The future of work feels closer than ever before. Technology, longer lives and individual expectations are tearing at the seams of conventional office life. The revolution is happening before our eyes.

“The rise of self-employment, portfolio careers, the home office, the shared office all respond to the uncertainty of contemporary employment and answer a mood of self-determination in society as a whole; to be your own boss and chase your dreams. It is work not just as remuneration but as a component of identity and a path to self-fulfillment.”

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Charlie Hyman/Daily Texan

Invest Today To Save For Tomorrow

News from Texas McCombs

“As college students, we’re told to save and spend smart. While these are definitely wise things for students to do during college, money management should also focus on our future. To aim for long-term financial success, students should start investing their money.

“The first step in this process is implementing smart saving tactics with any money you currently have.

“’Before investing, students should set aside an emergency fund in a bank account or a safe place of about $1,000,’ said Terri Holbrook, a senior lecturer in the accounting department at the McCombs School of Business. ‘That might sound like a lot, but you should have enough money to cover unseen expenses like car repairs, medical emergencies or family emergencies without borrowing money or using a credit card.’”

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Kai Nip

Cabinet Mixed On School Of Global Affairs

News from Yale SOM

“As the University begins to solicit feedback from students and faculty members on the potential transformation of the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs into a degree-granting school, members of the University cabinet — a key advisory body for University President Peter Salovey — diverged as to whether Yale should convert the institute into a new school of global affairs.

“Last month, University Provost Ben Polak’s Advisory Committee on the Future of the Jackson Institute released a report calling for “an intentionally small school [of Global Affairs], with a focused mission and close interaction among faculty, fellows, and students.” In an interview with the News at the time, Polak said the University will decide on whether to follow the committee’s recommendation this academic year after hosting town hall meetings with faculty members next spring.”

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