Meet the Winners & Top Performers of WeSolv’s Salesforce Challenge

Second Place: Bilal Ali, Brittany Lewis, Sachi Osterloh, and Katherine Xiao (University of Texas McCombs School of Business)

What made them stand out: This team from McCombs took a unique approach to evaluating the consumer goods market by dividing it into attitudinal segments. They defined the appropriate target personas and their primary pain points with specific examples and completed a very thorough competitive analysis, outlining significant opportunities for Salesforce. Based on their research, they recommended one particular segment for the Salesforce team to pursue more strongly, backing it up with specific positioning and channel strategies.

What team members said:

“The WeSolv Challenge was an excellent opportunity to learn more about Salesforce, practice building a business case, and flex our creative muscles.” – Bilal Ali, McCombs ‘20

“Through WeSolv’s Salesforce Challenge, I gained insights into the real marketing challenges businesses like Salesforce face.” – Sachi Osterloh, McCombs ‘20

“I’m thankful to have had this opportunity through the WeSolv Salesforce Case Challenge to dive in and tackle a real world product marketing problem.” – Katherine Xiao, McCombs ‘20

“WeSolv’s Salesforce Challenge was a great opportunity to delve deeper into Salesforce offerings, exercise creative problem solving, and engage with a real business challenge while in schoo” – Brittany Lewis, McCombs ‘20

Third Place: Amy Kong, Trisha Nussbaum, Catherine Pan, Jillian Witt (NYU Stern)

What made them stand out: This NYU Stern team presented creative solutions and detailed steps for implementing them, including new social media page concepts with sample content and modifications to the Salesforce website to help facilitate the customer journey. They also suggested new interactive demos that more clearly articulate the value of Salesforce’s retail execution solution.

What team members said:

“I loved this WeSolv Salesforce Challenge because not only was it fun, but I also learned a lot about Salesforce and the CRM market! The challenge also reinforced my strong interest in Product Marketing.” – Amy Kong, NYU Stern ‘20

“The Salesforce Challenge was a great exercise in getting down to the nitty gritty of the type of research and the level of understanding a Product Marketing Manager has to have about potential customers, and how to reach them.” – Jillian Witt, NYU Stern ‘20

“Not only did I learn more about a company I’m deeply interested in, I was able to apply my passions for marketing and technology to develop a tangible recommendation.” – Catherine Pan, NYU Stern ‘20

“The Salesforce Marketing Case Challenge was such an exciting and rewarding opportunity to work with my peers and make an impact!” – Tricia Nussbaum, NYU Stern ‘20