Study: Gender Pay Gap Shrinks When Companies Disclose Wages

Cornell Brand Communications

News from the Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management 

“Governments around the world are increasingly requiring companies to make their wage data public to encourage them to pay men and women equally.

“Supporters say transparency helps to close persistent gender wage gaps — but opponents say the requirement fails to make pay for women more equitable, tanks profits and creates administrative headaches. There’s been no strong evidence supporting either argument — until now.

“A study by a Cornell finance expert and her colleagues shows for the first time that the policy does shrink the gender pay gap.”

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How Well Is HBS Internationalizing?

News from Harvard Business School

“From journalist Thomas Friedman proclaiming that The World Is Flat to sociologist Anthony Giddens observing that in today’s world, ‘the local and global have become inextricably intertwined,’ thought leaders seem to agree that globalization has brought an unprecedented level of social and economic integration at a dizzying pace.

“An ever-globalizing world has had implications on how HBS defines its path forward in terms of admissions, teaching pedagogy, and research focus.

“How has HBS responded to globalization, and what path does it envision to continue to attract and educate future leaders from all corners of the world?”

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Recent Stern graduate Rachel Lee. Alina Patrick photo

The Stern Student Who Chose Maui Over Wall Street

News from NYU Stern School of Business

“Bored of the traditional mindset that surrounds the Stern School of Business, Rachel Lee wanted to explore what lay outside the bubble of future finance workers. She took a semester off before her senior year, walked into Mischief Tattoo on West Fourth Street and asked for a piercing apprenticeship — while her peers were running after Wall Street’s biggest names. 

“Lee, originally in the Stern class of 2018, graduated this past fall with a B.S. in business with a concentration in marketing. She is currently working remotely as Marketing Project Manager for the Hawaii-based cannabis dispensary PONO Life Maui. She is island hopping in March, leaving Manhattan for new adventures.”

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Michigan Ross

How I Used Data Analytics & Tableau To Rank My MAP Project Selections

News from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business

“The focus on action-based learning is one of the main reasons I chose to come to Michigan Ross for my MBA, and the MAP program is obviously a big piece of how that comes to life.

“Each MAP project offers its own unique experience, and with so many projects to choose from (there were more than 100 up for bid this year), the selection process can seem a little overwhelming at first.

“As a career switcher, it was very important to me to use this opportunity to gain skills that would round out my experience and position me for a post-Ross career in tech. Secondarily, I wanted an experience that I was unlikely to do at another point in my career; for me that meant focusing on new countries, industries, and/or startups.”

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Vacation Mindset: How Weekends Can Be More Refreshing

News from UCLA Anderson School of Management 

“When it comes to time off, America is definitely not a world leader. A review of mandated vacation policy in 21 countries with advanced economies by the Center for Economic and Policy Research reports that the United States is the only country that doesn’t guarantee workers paid time off, and about one quarter of U.S. workers don’t receive paid holidays and vacation days.

“Among the lucky ducks who have paid time off, the workaholic zeitgeist is a strong headwind. According to the U.S. Travel Association, Americans in 2017 on average used 17 of the 23 paid days they were entitled to. That’s actually better than Glassdoor’s 2017 survey of 2,000 workers, in which participants reported using barely more than half their vacation days, on average.”

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