Meet Bain & Company’s MBA Class Of 2018

Bright Botchway

Bain & Company Johannesburg

Hometown: Anfoe, Ghana

MBA program, Concentration: Cornell University–Johnson Graduate School of Management; Strategy and Operations

Undergraduate school, major: University of Ghana, BSc Business Administration

Why did you choose to work at Bain? I was looking to work for an organization that would both allow me to make a significant impact in the world and challenge me to continuously develop my skills and interests. Additionally, I was looking to work with smart, down-to-earth people on a close-knit team. I was essentially searching for a company that fosters a family-like feel between colleagues. Bain ultimately met all of these criteria for me.

What did you love about the business school you attended? Johnson is a closely knit, collaborative community. I still feel like I am a part of a family, even as an alum. Recently I was doing work on a case and needed some contacts in a niche industry. I ended up calling an old professor from Johnson and asked if I could leverage her contacts for the case. Even though I’m no longer her student, she was happy to help!

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned so far at Bain? At Bain I’ve continued to develop the ability to prioritize and communicate complex challenges and solutions in a concise, clear, meaningful way to my audience—be it clients, colleagues or friends.

Which manager or peer has had the biggest impact on you at Bain, and how has he or she made you a better consultant? Obi was my case team leader during my summer internship. He patiently helped me build a strong foundation at Bain, all while pushing me beyond my comfort zone to accelerate my learning. I attribute landing a full-time offer at Bain to many people, but Obi was essential to both my personal and professional development.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work for Bain? Bain values smart and humble people who are always looking to help others and make an impact in the world. You will be pushed to be your best, and you will learn a lot in a very amount short time. But Bain will be a great home for you.

My greatest personal or professional accomplishment is…The achievement I am proudest of is my time spent working with Year Up to close the opportunity divide and provide employment opportunities for over 20,000 underrepresented minorities in 21 cities across the United States.

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