Meet Arizona State’s MBA Class Of 2022

Classroom discussion at W. P. Carey


What are other reasons for joining the W. P. Carey community? Here are other benefits of the program that students and alumni have cited:

1) Career Coaching and Support: “I am attempting to pivot my business career into a new industry and function. Therefore, career coaching was of utmost importance to me when choosing an MBA school. The Career Management and Employer Engagement team at W. P. Carey is spectacular. I even recall receiving career advice during my admissions interview! The support this team offers to students is incredibly individualized, helping each student to set personalized career goals and then build strategic strategies to achieve them. This includes various leadership assessments, one-on-one coaching, and even a career coaching class during the first quarter.”
Brooke Bettis (’22)

“W.P. Carey, with its innovative approach to career coaching, equips me to make a difference in the sector. The career support offered is highly customized. Quantitative assessments and qualitative meetings are used to identify the individual’s career goals and, out of this data, the coaches work with students to devise a plan to achieve them. This innovative approach has helped me identify interests I did not even know I had.”
Heather Shipp (’22)

“One of the good examples would be the innovative CareerLeader Assessment. Before I start to work with the career coach to the MBA program, I was required to complete this questionnaire that was comprised of three sections – namely, interests, motivators, and skills. Upon completion, I received a comprehensive report, which included a ranking of my interests and motivation factors. What’s more, it generated a culture factor report that indicated my ideal employers and rationales. I was struck by the accuracy of the content and how much it helped me to understand how my personal attributes can be leveraged in the job search process.”
Shawn Liu (’22)

Arizona State’s Sun Devil

“I wanted to go to a business that would help me cultivate my leadership skills. W. P. Carey offers an amazing executive mentor course, which helps you connect with an executive mentor in your field and industry. My mentor, with whom I have established a strong rapport, is a retired senior executive from the Mars Corporation.”
Samuel Salvador Romero (’20)

“The quarterly roundtable with our executive mentors, through our Executive Connections program, is my favorite event at my B-school. These roundtables are centered around developing skills such as critical leadership, interpersonal intelligence, and other business skills needed for MBAs to succeed.”
Siva Kandasamy (’20)

2) Listen To Students:  One of the things that W.P. Carey stresses right away is that they’re constantly innovating, and their curriculum is the biggest reflection of that. Not surprisingly, they are making continuous iterations to the curriculum based on student feedback and our changing business landscape.”
Pitu Sim (’22)

“In my very first conversation with a member of the W.P. Carey community, I learned that an entirely new area of emphasis was established at a student’s suggestion. I am incredibly impressed with the flexibility of the program and the level of influence that each student can have on his or her own MBA experience.”
Caitlin Byrnes (’22)

3) Interdisciplinary Programming: “W.P. Carey does not accept the status quo.  I find it very inspiring to see collaboration among the different colleges across the Arizona State campus and the real-world projects they implement.  Business is more than an individual’s success, but the success of the surrounding community. ASU does an outstanding job incorporating valuable experience through its professors and guest speakers while promoting new ideas and relevant action that provides intrinsic value to society.”
David G. Rice IV  (’22)

“Interdisciplinary Applied Learning Labs is the first thing that stands out in my mind as a testament to the innovative spirit of ASU. It allows us to work with peers from a different branch of study, say the School of Sustainability, and work on projects. The hands-on approach to simulating a real-world business environment is a great innovation. I so very look forward to it. Of course, the STEM-designated curriculum with a lot of flexibility to choose the Area of Emphasis (Concentration) and Specialization(s) gives each student a feel of “Make your own MBA”.”
Mahalakshmi Ganesan  (’22)

W. P. Carey Exterior

A great display of innovation from W. P. Carey is the recent “Garbage Truck of the Future” project. This was an interdisciplinary design project in which 36 graduate students, from the business and industrial design schools, worked together with Republic Services in Phoenix to design a state-of-the-art garbage truck. Students gained valuable experience working across disciplines, while innovating to help a local business solve real challenges.”
Brooke Bettis (’22)

4) Forward Focus Curriculum: “I have seen innovation especially in the ASU’s “Forward Focus” curriculum. It can be considered a holistic curriculum, which combines theoretical and experiential learning and provides students with the right set of soft and technical skills to face the complexity of the ever-changing business landscape. More specifically, there are three experiences that are unique to the W.P. Carey curriculum and are extremely innovative. The first one is the Intellectual Fusion Lab, where students with different backgrounds work together on hands-on projects. The second one is the Future Forward Leadership aimed at enhancing resiliency skills. The third one is the Executive Connections”, where students are paired and mentored by executives.”
Agnese De Grossi Mazzorin  (’22)

5) Sustainability: “I was intrigued by W.P. Carey’s Sustainable Enterprise specialization. I have spent the duration of my career thus far working in fine jewelry marketing and would like to return to this field post-graduation. The fine jewelry industry is intrinsically reliant on earth’s natural resources. Jewelry brands such as those I have worked for simply cannot operate unless they understand the imperative that is sustainability.”
Caitlin Byrnes  (’22)

Student preparing outside the W. P. Carey school.

“Due to my background in renewable energy, I will touch on sustainability a bit. Among many sustainability initiatives by ASU, one of the most recent is the university’s partnership to commercialize the carbon capture technology that removes carbon from the atmosphere.”
Joann Praise Emmanson (’22)

6) Quality and Versatility: “With COVID-19 keeping everyone indoors, the MBA program made swift provisions to deliver lectures via three channels: ASU Immersion, ASU Sync and iCourses. The more interesting thing is that all these modes of delivery were already in place before the pandemic. Talk about a forward-thinking school!
Joann Praise Emmanson (’22)

“Everyone thinks that W. P. Carey is a supply chain school. And, yes, while being a top-ranked supply chain program is one of our strengths, we have a well-rounded MBA program with other strong concentrations. For instance, in 2019, an equal proportion of MBA students landed in marketing roles after their graduation. We have cutting edge research facilities and top-ranked professors in Marketing, Finance, and Business Analytics here at ASU. In fact, our Center for Services Leadership at ASU is one of the leading organizations conducting groundbreaking research on services marketing and boasts top companies around the world as its members.”
Siva Kandasamy (’20)

What led the Class of 2022 to pursue an MBA? What was the toughest question they were asked during the application process? What other schools did they consider? Check out the student profiles below for answers to questions and many more. 

MBA Student Hometown Undergrad Alma Mater Last Employer
Brooke Bettis Saint Charles, IL Texas Christian University U.S. Peace Corps
Caitlin Byrnes Brooklyn, NY Fordham University CHANEL Inc.
Agnese De Grossi Mazzorin Rome, Italy Bocconi University BASF
Mahalakshmi Ganesan Chennai, India Anna University ALERT
Andrew Logan Othello, WA Eastern Washington University D-tree International
Spencer Lowden Diamond, MO Brevard College HCA Mission Health
Joann Praise Emmanson Lagos, Nigeria Covenant University Venture Garden Group
David G. Rice IV Scottsdale, AZ Arizona State University U.S. Army
Heather Shipp Chandler, AZ Arizona State University Management Sciences for Health
Pitu Sim Kampung Cham, Cambodia University of Rhode Island Avison Young
Casey Spink Eagle River, AK Willamette University FasTrack English
Shawn Liu Jinan, China Arizona State University Connect Worldwide International Inc.


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