2021 CentreCourt MBA Alumni: Allison Zmozynski, Case Western Reserve (Weatherhead)

Allison Zmozynski

MBA Program: Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management

Class: Full-time 2020

Current Location: Cleveland, OH (Will be based in Sunnyvale, CA post Covid)

Current Company and Title: Google, Global Process Manager

Why did you choose to earn your MBA at this business school? As a prospective student I attended Dean’s Weekend where I had the opportunity to meet current students, participate in mock classes, and connect with alumni. I was so impressed by the experience. After that weekend, I could see myself succeeding as a Weatherhead student.

Pretend you are an ambassador giving a tour at your business school. Name one place you would show a candidate and why was it so important to you? I would make sure we stopped at The Jolly Scholar, a brewpub located on CWRU’s campus. Not only was it a great place to stop after class and spend time with classmates, but also the meeting spot for group projects and networking events.

What was your favorite class and what lesson do you use from it in your role? My favorite class was Management Consulting taught by Clark Khayat, Chief Strategy Officer at Key Bank. Although I’m not currently in a consulting role, the lessons around stakeholder and project management have been critical during my time at Google.

What was your best memory during your MBA program? My best memories from the MBA program are experiential learning opportunities in the classroom created by faculty members. For example, in my Mergers and Acquisitions class taught by Scott Fine –- a former investment banker and CFO –- my teammates and I pitched to private equity leaders in the Cleveland area. In my Entrepreneurial Finance course taught by Michael Goldberg, who leads the entrepreneurship center at CWRU, we met with founders who were featured on Shark Tank.

What is one thing about the MBA program that you wish you had known when you applied? When I applied, I knew that Weatherhead had a small class size with terrific faculty members. However, I didn’t realize how important the student-to-faculty ratio would be in my MBA experience. The smaller class size gave me the opportunity to work closely with my professors – many were instrumental in my job search as well.

What has been your biggest professional achievement? Prior to attending business school, I worked at a higher education research and consulting firm, EAB.  During my time at EAB, I had the opportunity to work closely with colleges and universities to improve their graduation and retention rates. Knowing that work I did helped additional students graduate from college is my biggest professional achievement.

What advice would you give to a prospective student to help them earn a spot in your business school?  I would recommend that prospective students identify what they can specifically contribute to the class, whether that is their background, interests, or experience.

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