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What Chicago Booth Looks For In Its MBA Interview

The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business had an estimated acceptance rate of 25% for its 2020 full-time MBA program.

Booth placed at number two in P&Q’s Top Business Schools ranking for 2020 and consistently ranks amongst the top 10. It’s safe to say that the B-school doesn’t admit just anyone. Booth specifically seeks out applicants who can benefit from and contribute to its flexible approach to the MBA and data-driven philosophy.

Bill Kooser, MBA Admissions consultant and Director at Fortuna Admissions and former Booth Associate Dean, recently wrote about what applicants should expect from Booth’s MBA interview and how to best prepare.


Booth MBA interviewers will only review your resume prior to your interview.

“The thinking is that this allows for conversation to flow more organically, as you and the interview get to know one another,” Kooser writes.

Community is important at Booth. The school enlists current students and alumni to conduct MBA admissions interviews (which are now done virtually due to COVID-19). Interviews generally last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Kooser says the typical Booth interview consists of the following flow:

  • Resume and work-related
  • Specific behavioral examples/questions
  • Personal fit-related
  • Prompt to ask questions of the interviewer

“Similar to the Stanford GSB interview, Booth favors behavioral style questions, operating from the conviction that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance,” Kooser writes. “With these types of questions, your interviewer will be delving for very specific examples of what you did – along with why, what was going through your mind at the time, the impact on others, and the outcome.”

Once your interview is complete, the interviewers sends a report and your admissions file to an admissions team member, who offers one of three recommendations: admit, deny, or review. Lastly, the admissions director ultimately makes a final decision.


Kooser outlines a sample of behavior style questions that applicants may expect in their Booth interview. Most importantly, applicants should remember to go beyond their resume and offer more details during the interview.

“Use the interview to highlight areas of your personal and professional life that are not already represented in your application,” Kooser writes. “Walk me through your resume’ is a common opening question, however, be especially careful in responding; your interviewer has already seen your resume and is looking to glean more depth from you than a professional history timeline.”

Additionally, applicants should prepare by thoroughly reviewing Booth’s values and approach to the MBA and aligning their own values and goals.

“Remember that the purpose of the interview is to establish a connection with the person across the table (or the video channel), and to convince them of why you are a good ‘fit’ with Chicago Booth,” Kooser writes.

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