Meet the Boston Consulting Group’s MBA Class of 2020: Alejandra Ramirez

Alejandra Ramirez

BCG Office: New Jersey

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

MBA Program, Concentration: NYU Stern; Business Analytics, Finance & Strategy

Undergraduate school, major: Escuela Superior de Economia y Negocios, Economics and Business

Focus of current case/engagement: Large-scale transformation for a global retailer

Why did you choose BCG? Although there are many things that make BCG a great place to work, what ultimately made me choose BCG were the people. Through the recruiting process, I was able to meet many BCGers, and quickly learned this is not just a workplace but a community. From the very beginning, I met amazing people who coached and supported me throughout the recruiting process. And now, day-to-day, I know I can turn to my colleagues in the team room, or any place in the world, if I need to bounce off ideas or get a second opinion. BCGers are welcoming and supportive, and are not only passionate about the work they do, but strongly care about supporting your personal and professional growth.

What did you love about the business school you attended? The people and the culture. Stern has a very collaborative and diverse culture. It was a great place for me to create friendships that will definitely last a lifetime.

BCG’s purpose is “unlocking the potential of those who advance the world.” What has BCG unlocked in you? BCG has unlocked my ability to grow. It has offered extensive resources and countless opportunities for me to learn new things and ultimately, become a better version of myself, both personally and professionally.  Every day, you are faced with different challenges that push your limits, and that ultimately drive you to expand your skills, knowledge, and network. The learning and development opportunities are truly endless.

What was your greatest personal or professional accomplishment and how did you make a difference? One of the greatest accomplishments in my career has been leading a cross-functional team, spread across Latin America, through the brand re-launch of a major Latin American airline. The scale of the project was massive, and we got to see the results of our work immediately. Through the process, I brought to the table a collaborative approach to problem-solving and an enthusiasm for change.

What word best describes BCG’s culture and give us an example of how you’ve experienced this in your day-to-day work? Collaborative. BCGers thrive through collaborative thinking and problem-solving. We are a diverse group of individuals who bring different points of view to the table and everyone has a voice. For example, during one of the cases I worked on, we partnered with a team of BCGers located in another continent, who were happy to help out and provide insight into the problem we were facing, although we were many miles apart.

Please describe an “only at BCG” moment you’ve experienced so far. I’m currently working on a large-scale transformation program with a global retailer, whose products I come in contact with almost every day. My team is focused on assortment strategy, and our work impacts the variety of items the retailer carries in every location across the world. The scale and the impact we create at BCG continues to surprise and impress me.

What advice would you give someone interviewing at BCG? Preparation is key during the interviewing process. Casing will definitely help you crack the case, but most importantly, it will allow you to feel confident and comfortable during the interview. This will absolutely help you let your personality shine through as you work the case.

Which manager or peer has had the biggest impact on you at BCG, and how has this person made you a better consultant? The Principal in my case and current manager, Marika Bigler, has definitely made an impact during my first year at BCG. During our time working together, she has really pushed me to find my voice and the confidence to express my point of view, as well as challenge others’ points of view. She trusts and values my contributions and creates the opportunities for me to develop the skills I need.

A fun fact about me is…Before business school I went to culinary school in NYC. I became a Pastry Chef and had the opportunity to work at some Michelin restaurants in the city.


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