2021 Most Disruptive MBA Startups: Emerald Necklace Investments, UCLA (Anderson)

Emerald Necklace Investments

UCLA, Anderson School of Management

Industry: Investment Management

Founding Student Name(s): Douglas Hanly

Brief Description of Solution: Emerald Necklace Investments is an equity fund that targets exceptional returns on the behalf of individuals. We use an inverted research model that has outperformed the S&P 500 Index by over 50% since inception.

Funding Dollars: $2 Million

What led you to launch this venture? I was previously an institutional investor and was looking to find a better way to generate exceptional returns for individuals. In my meetings with over 1,000 investment managers from around the world, I developed a pattern recognition for the factors that lead to fund success. I created an investment strategy that I used at UCLA Anderson’s Student Investment Fund to generate the highest returns of all time.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far with venture? My biggest accomplishment so far has been outperforming the S&P 500 Index by over 50% since inception.

How has your MBA program helped you further this startup venture? I was fortunate to be a member of the UCLA Venture Accelerator program led by Trish Halamandaris. Trish connected me with some of the best investment minds in the world which helped me expand the company.

What founder or entrepreneur inspired you to start your own entrepreneurial journey? How did he or she prove motivational to you? Pieter Lehrer encouraged me to start my own fund. We met coaching soccer together at Harvard University, and he ultimately became a key mentor for me. He has invested his entire retirement into the fund.

Which MBA class has been most valuable in building your startup and what was the biggest lesson you gained from it? The UCLA Student Investment Fund was the most valuable MBA class. I was able to implement my investment strategy in the class and get real-time feedback. The strategy helped me generate the highest returns of all time for the Student Investment Fund.

What professor made a significant contribution to your plans and why? Professor Bill Cockrum reviewed the strategy and provided valuable feedback. He now serves as an Advisor to Emerald Necklace Investments.

What is your long-term goal with your startup? My long term goal is generate exceptional returns for individuals.


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