Meet the MBA Class of 2024: Victor C. Sabioni, Georgia Tech (Scheller)

Victor C. Sabioni

Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller College of Business

“A creative mind who enjoys solving complex problems and going on long walks.”

Hometown: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Fun Fact About Yourself: I love being outdoors and cycling. I’ve traveled on a bicycle along the coasts of Portugal and Uruguay, carrying all my food, water, and gear for 2-4 weeks.

Undergraduate School and Major:

  • Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Aerospace Engineering
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, MSc Aerospace Engineering

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Embraer S.A., Product Development Engineer

What has been your favorite part of Atlanta so far? What has made it such a great place to earn an MBA? My favorite part of Atlanta is how accessible it is to get around by foot, scooter, or bicycle. In less than 30 minutes, I can walk from Midtown, the center for business and technology, and reach beautiful Piedmont Park or the Atlanta BeltLine for a coffee or walk with friends. Diversity is what makes Atlanta a perfect place to earn an MBA. There is something for everyone in this city, whether you prefer quiet coffee shops or bars, spending time in nature, going to cultural events, or thinking of pivoting your career. People from different backgrounds and interests can identify Atlanta as their new home, which creates a wealth of new ideas and perspectives to explore.

Aside from your classmates and location, what was the key part of the Scheller MBA programming that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you? The key part of the Scheller MBA programming that caught my attention was their focus on developing important “soft” skills, such as leadership and communication. We all know how essential these skills are to becoming a successful manager or leader, but I had never received formal education in these areas as an engineer. My Business Communications class has taught me how to confidently convey my ideas in a more compelling and engaging manner. I enjoy how the leadership classes at Scheller emphasize core skills like effective team leadership, conflict resolution, and how to align people and organizations towards achieving a common goal.

What course, club or activity have you enjoyed the most so far at Georgia Tech? My favorite course in the MBA so far was Leading People and Organizations. None of my previous engineering degrees had ever formally touched on the fundamental role of leadership to drive change, and how one does not have to be in a leadership position to act as a leader. In this class we discussed the effective use of different leadership styles, strategies for leading and motivating team members, and conflict management. In-class discussions and personal reflections also facilitated conversations about examples of poor leadership and management based on shared personal experiences.

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: The most meaningful accomplishment of my career so far was building up the courage to leave a stable job in engineering to go back to school and further my education in a different country. Stepping out of my comfort zone a few times throughout my career has given me room to grow as a person, develop new interests, and meet new people. While I have done some pretty fun work as an aerospace engineer. These have included being a part of a brilliant team of young engineers developing a new generation of commercial jets, along with volunteering and hobbies, have helped me develop the most as a person. Volunteering to organize an international engineering conference in Brazil is what inspired me to pursue my master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, and I have enjoyed sharing my passion for cycling by starting my own YouTube channel and helping lead Georgia Tech’s campus bike club.

Describe your biggest accomplishment as an MBA student so far? My biggest accomplishment has been achieving my personal development goals for the MBA while balancing my responsibilities as a dual-degree student with the School of Aerospace Engineering. In addition to balancing the challenging coursework of the MBA program, I have been leading two research projects at the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory on campus. It has been an incredibly challenging but rewarding journey, especially because the leadership and communication concepts I learn in business school are directly applicable to my engineering work and have made me a better researcher.

What has been your best memory as an MBA so far? One of my best experiences as an MBA student has been working with my core team. These teams are composed of four students and are carefully put together by the MBA Program Office before the start of the program to ensure each team is balanced with a diverse set of backgrounds. For the entire first semester, core teams work together on almost every assignment in every class. My core team and I have learned to leverage our diverse skillsets when working together and developed strong relationships that go beyond the classroom.

What advice would you give to help potential applicants gain admission into Georgia Tech Scheller’s MBA program? Current students are probably the greatest source of information for the Scheller MBA program. They not only love to network and meet new people, but can also help you set expectations for the program based on your interests. The more you know about the program before you apply, the better you will convey your interest in the application essays and interview. Reach out to current students on LinkedIn and do not apply before talking with one or more of them!


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