P&Q’s Must Reads: Business Schools With The Highest Return For MBAs

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No. 1: Business Schools with the Highest Return for MBAs

Getting into a top B-school is neither an easy nor an inexpensive feat. And for many prospective MBAs, a high return on investment is a must.

U.S. News recently ranked the top B-schools with the highest ROI. MBA grads from these schools have at least a 210% average return on their investment and many of these grads earn six-figure salaries on average within three months of graduation.

The Zicklin School of Business at CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College saw the highest return on investment with a salary-to-debt ratio of 7.3-to-1.0. 2022 Zicklin MBA grads had an average starting salary and signing bonus of $129,050 within three months of graduating.

You can see the full list, and see how the elite b-schools fared, now in our trending tab.

No. 2: Meet Bain & Company’s MBA Class Of 2022

Bain & Company has ranked as the world’s top consulting firm by Vault for three years running. Bainies themselves have the reputation for being a fun-loving crew, always up for adventure and down for a challenge.

Bain’s MBA Class of 2022 arrived in their respective offices from every background imaginable. So, what does the vaulted MBB look for in its MBAs? In this story, which you can find in our news tab, you can peruse 11 in depth profiles from the company’s most recent hires. 

No. 3 Do You Need An MBA To Found A Unicorn? 

Though an MBA has long been (and continues to be) a ticket to career success, it doesn’t guarantee it. This is particularly true in entrepreneurship. According to a Stanford professor who specializes in VC research, unicorns — companies backed by venture capital that are valued at a billion dollars — are more likely than not to have achieved their status without the help of a founder with an MBA, or who attended business school at all.

Dive into the Stanford professor’s latest research on our homepage.

No. 4: Our Weekly Round Up of  News You Can Use

No matter where you are in your MBA journey, we bring several helpful stories for you this week.

First up: Dear First Year MBAs … This story from a Wharton MBA offers advice on what he wished he’d known before starting the vaulted program. You’ll find it on our homepage.

Next: 2023-2024 MBA Admissions Events By School: This story, available from our homepage, links to all the must-attend admission events from the top business schools. Check it out and mark your calendar with the events from all your target schools.

Finally: MBA Application Deadlines For The 2023-2024 Admissions Cycle. This story lists all the MBA application deadlines for the world’s top business schools, and will be updated as more are announced. You’ll find it in our admissions tab.

And, that’s it for this week’s Must Reads recap. 

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