CentreCourt Specialized Masters October 2023 Event

Tune in as we bring you the final CentreCourt Specialized Masters events for 2023! Listen in to discussions from Alumni and Career/Program Directors from top schools from the US and abroad as they take a deep dive into their respective MSBA programs. Get answers and practical advice on who a program is best suited for, what the curriculum looks like, and what it takes to get in, as well as the career options that await you.

Explore Specialized Masters Options At London Business School

Listen in as Matt Symonds discusses the varying Specialized Masters options at London Business School including Masters in Management, Global Masters in Management, Masters in Financial Analysis, and Masters in Management and Analytics. Also gain insight from an alumni perspective as Christian shares his personal journey and how LBS prepared him for the future. This session will provide you needed advice on which program may be a fit for you and how to get started.

What Would A Masters In Finance From Case Western Weatherhead Do For Your Career?

Case Western Weatherhead Associate Dean for Student Success and an alumni share everything you need to know about a Masters in Finance. You will hear the alumni journey and how her degree sent her on a path toward a successful career. This session will provide insight into academic tracks, career development, hiring pipeline, networking, personal and professional advice, the robust offerings, and more.

Spotlight On The Masters in Management At IE

IE Senior Manager from Business and Management along with a recent grad share more about the Masters in Management degree. You will gain insight into the culture, professor and alumni networks, coursework through applied learning, the IE evolving curriculum, case study methods, personal and professional development, plus so much more. Are you ready for the next best you?

What Would An Emory Goizueta Degree In Business Analytics or Analytical Finance Do For Your Career?

Hear from Emory Graduate Career Management Center Director and an alumni as they share what a career progression from Goizueta can do for you. This session will provide details around their STEM technical degrees within a small cohort with a short term option. Also gain insight into the tangible and intangible ROI skills, learning, career coaches, recruitment options, year over year salary, placement statistics, and more.

Spotlight On The MS Global Supply Chain Management At Purdue

Matt Symonds learns about the exciting changes happening at the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business at Purdue from Executive Director, Business Career Services. Also receive thoughtful alumni advice into the real world opportunities and processes, certification options, career coaching, tech and quantitive aspect, portfolio building, technical and problem solving skills in a strong community. This session will help you determine right fit and get answers to “What’s next for me?”

What Would An MS In Finance From Baruch Zicklin Do For Your Career?

Matt Symonds takes a deep dive into a MS in Finance from Baruch Zicklin with Director of Careers and an alumni. You will hear about the degree benefits through cohort teamwork, collaboration in a diverse environment, personal and professional skill building, career options, alumni ambassadors, the NYC experience, internships, and more. This session will help you determine if a Specialized Masters at Baruch Zicklin is a right fit for you.

What Would An MS in Business Analytics From UMass Isenberg Do For Your Career?

Director of Graduate Career Services from UMass Isenberg share what a MS in Business Analytics can mean for you. You will also get the alumni perspective from a former undergrad, who transitioned to a current masters online student turned Data Engineer. Hear about the program flexibility options, their self discovery modules to help build on personal and professional goals, and career coaching to determine right fit in a data driven environment towards an analytics career path.

Spotlight On The MS In Financial Analysis At Temple

Fox School of Business at Temple help students develop valuable skills toward a MS in Financial Analysis degree. During this panel hear what drew this alumni to choose the program and school she did, plus why their Senior Director of Graduate Student Professional Development felt she was a right fit. Through this discussion you will hear about the Fox large portfolio of specialized master programs, the student focus curriculum, their priority toward student success, global recognition, exposure to needed technology, certification training, empathetic leadership values, and so much more.

Spotlight On The CEMS Master Of Management Specialising In International Management At UCT Graduate School of Business

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business is Africas leading business school. Listen in as UCT Dean and a current grad chat with Matt Symonds as they discuss the CEMS Master of Management in International Management. Hear about this global program which includes driving practical business practices with a international focus, mentorship, peer and alumni networking, career coaching, corporate engagement, social impact, plus so much more.

What Would An MS In Business Analytics From Illinois Gies Do For Your Career?

Join Illinois Gies Director of MS Analytics and 2022 grad as they discuss this intensive nine month degree option. You will gain insight into the programs real world business practices which students are learning from day one. Also hear about employment trends, career and counseling tracks, professor mentoring, and practical advice to help you build a base for current or future business roles in analytics.

Spotlight On The MS In Information Systems At IU Kelley

IU Kelley Executive Director of Career Services and MSIS 2020 grad discuss the Information Systems Masters Program. During this session hear about employment trajectories in a range of industries, the evolvement of technology, learned professional skills to set students up for success while providing impact in a small close knit collaborative learning environment. This panel is a must watch to get needed advice on investing in yourself for success.

What Would A CMU Tepper Masters In Business Analytics Do For Your Career?

John Byrne is joined by a recent grad and Director of MSBA & MSM from Carnegie Melon Tepper. This session covers details into the Masters in Business Analytics by answering needed questions tied to who the program is best suited for, what does the curriculum look like and what skill sets will I gain, the employment trajectory and how career services helps, what the learning experience looks like, plus so much more. This panel provides prospective students practical advice to determining if a data analytics degree from CMU is a right fit for you.

What Would A WPI Degree In Financial Technology Do For Your Career?

WPI Financial Technology Professor and recent graduate discuss the benefits of a MS in Financial Technology with Matt Symonds. You will gain insight into their project based FinTech curriculum, current technology and employment trends, the career collaborative atmosphere to build student confidence by knowing doors are always open from all including career services, professors, and your peer teams. Are you ready to make the investment in your self toward a degree in finance?

Spotlight On The Masters in Financial Engineering At UCLA Anderson

Join the lively discussion into a Masters in Financial Engineering at UCLA Anderson with their Faculty Director and a 2011 graduate and career switcher. Hear how this intensive program is engineered to provide results through their career tracks, the in-depth curriculum, the personal and professional building of business skills, one-on-one career coaching, and more. This session will provide you the needed answers toward a degree in the current financial industry.

What Would A Degree In Management Analytics From Toronto Rotman Do For Your Career?

John Byrne gets into the nuts and bolts of the Management Analytics degree from Toronto Rotman. Hear from a 2021 grad and their Associate Director of Career Curriculum and Consulting on what makes this option so valuable. You will gain insight to who is best suited for the program, the learning experience with a mix of real world challenges and academics, a tailored career curriculum through a reflective process, their robust Rotman ongoing support, and more.

Spotlight On Product Management & Masters Science Management At CMU Tepper

Directors from the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School and the School of Computer Science share details around their Product Management and Master of Science in Management programs. CMU excels in business, technology and human computer interaction, and this session will provide you with a deep dive into all there is to know. Topics covered are employment trends, career trajectory, who the programs are best suited for while determining unique skill set fit, in addition to providing students with the necessary leadership skills to prepare them for a specialized career in business.

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