P&Q’s Must Reads: 10 Business Schools To Watch In 2024

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No. 1: 10 Business Schools To Watch In 2024

In 2023, several MBA programs took risks or achieved milestones that reflected their potential. They invested in new programming, embraced new methods, entered new markets, and hired new leaders. 

At INSEAD, sustainability became a cornerstone. Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School continued to build synergies around their larger university’s prowess in medicine. Columbia Business School and Chicago Booth upended the status quo to reign as the top MBA programs in the world. 

In this popular annual feature, we profile 10 business schools we believe will make big steps in the coming year. You can find it on our homepage.

No. 2: Many 2023 MBA Grads Still Struggling To Find Jobs

Class of 2023 MBA grads are still struggling to find jobs nearly a year after graduation.

At Harvard Business School, only 86% of Class of 2023 job seekers received offers within 90 days—a significant slowdown compared to the 95% job placement rate for 2022 and 96% for 2021.

The slowdown isn’t only impacting Harvard. At Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, only 89% of MBA grads had a job offer by the three-month mark—a drop from 93% in 2022.

Read more about this downturn, and the industries that are the hardest hit, now on our homepage. 

No. 3: NFL Hits Tepper School’s Namesake With Heavy Fine For Rowdy Luxury Box Behavior

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper was reportedly fined $300,000 for tossing a drink at fans in Jacksonville at a recent game.

During the Panthers’ 26-0 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Stadium, video shows Tepper tossing his drink at fans near the end of the game. Tepper was inside a luxury box and threw the drink at fans outside it.

In a statement on Tuesday, the NFL reportedly fined Tepper — the Carnegie Mellon University alum who has given more than $120 million over the years to the B-school that bears his name — for his “unacceptable conduct.”

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No. 4: Our Weekly Round Up of  News You Can Use

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