MBA Interview Questions: A School-By-School List For 2024

Darden School in Spring

Rice University (Jones)

What transferable skills can you leverage from your experience into a post-MBA career?

What factors will you use to choose an MBA program?

What tactics do you use to try and understand the cultures or perspectives of others?

Stanford Graduate School of Business logo.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

What would you say to your younger self?

Tell me about a time when you thought of something before anyone else on your team.

Tell me about a time when something you wanted to do was blocked.

Tell me about a time you took initiative or stepped beyond your role.

University of California-Berkeley (Haas)

How would you improve/ uphold the values of DEI at Haas?

Tell me about a time when you had to lead a team with diverse viewpoints, and what did you do?

Tell me about a time you took a risk. How did it work out?

Talk about a time you had a heated argument/discussion and were then proven wrong. How did you react? What did you do? How did it feel?

Talk about a time you influenced others to adopt your way of doing something. What did you do and what did you learn?

Recommend an inspiring article.

UCLA (Anderson)

Tell me about something you wished you had done differently.

What role do you play in a group setting?

USC (Marshall)

What has been a piece of critical feedback that you have received during your professional journey?

How would you set a goal and achieve it?

What is success to you? And on what point you will identify yourself as being successful?

What inspires you?

How did you learn about USC Marshall?

Tell us how you manage your time.

University of Texas (McCombs)

Tell me about a time when you were asked to change something last minute.

Tell me about a time when you experienced someone being treated unfairly.

Vanderbilt University (Owen)

What will you bring to the Owen community and what do you want from the Owen community?

How would your colleagues/supervisor describe you and how would your friends describe you?

University of Virginia (Darden)

Tell me your story.

Tell me about a time you had to work with people from different perspectives.

Wharton School

Team-Based Discussion Follow Up: How do you think your team did? What went well? What would you do differently? What was the biggest challenge during the TBD and how did you overcome it?

What was the most impactful interaction you had?

Yale School of Management

How do you ensure people’s voices are heard?


Want to get into the mind of your interviewer so you can develop responses that address their concerns? Here are ten questions that interviewers are weighing (be it MBA applicants or job candidates). Questions courtesy of Jeff Schmitt.


1) Has the candidate really done their homework on us?

2) Do this person have the intellectual horsepower (and grit) to make it through the core?

3) What is this person’s plan? Does he or she possess the self-awareness to know what they have to do and where they need to improve?

4) Does this person’s background – be it work or life experiences – add something different that’s unique and valuable?

5) How will this candidate contribute to the MBA community – and the larger campus and city?

6) Is this student coachable? Will this person take feedback and improve – or go into a shell or simply ignore it?

7) How well does this person align with the culture? Will this person act as a force multiplier or a clubhouse lawyer?

8) Do I like this candidate? How do I see them making the MBA experience fun for everyone else?

9) Is this person a high potential who will someday make the school look good? Will this person be an active alumni member who will continue to contribute after graduation?

10) What is this person’s level of commitment to us? Are we the top choice or just an also-ran (and why)?




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