Meet The Indian Institute Of Management Indore EPGP Class Of 2024

Chhavi Malhotra describes herself as “Buddhist practitioner” whose life’s work is “uplifting and empowering people.” Her classmate, Tapan Sharma, recently released his first Indie-pop song across streaming platforms. Debahuti Chakraborty is a “globetrotter” who has traveled across 12 countries and 20 Indian states, with plans to hit Antarctica soon. And Preyanshi Singh? She is a trained belly dancer!

These are just a few students who make up the Class of 2024 at the Indian Institute of Management Indore’s EPGP program, a one-year executive post-graduate programme in Management. It is one of only two IIM programs that is triple accredited by the AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. Attracting adult professionals averaging nearly a decade of work experience, IIM Indore is marked by a diverse batch, who hail from “various industries [that] truly make the classroom discussions and peer learning rich and engaging,” says Vivek Vishe – an actor and dancer who studied engineering as an undergrad. Even more, adds Yatindra Prakash Singh, IIM Indore offers a quality of life that’s hard to beat as a student.

“Every day, something unique happens here, something which is memorable. Everything is amazing here, from lying in a swimming pool in the morning or evening to running for classes. The IIM Indore Campus is spread across 193 acres and situated atop scenic hillock, and the scenic beauty of the campus makes each and every moment spent on the campus memorable.”


For Yatindra Prakash Singh, the Olympic-sized swimming pool  has been a great way to ‘relax the body and mind’ after class (particularly with meditative pool sessions). Fitness-wise, the school also provides a gymnasium with “state-of-the-art equipment” says Arya Anand. These daily workouts have proven invaluable to ’24 class members like Akshay Aggarwal.

“I motivated myself to find the time and go for a 40-minute swim every day. When I started, I could not cover the breadth in a single go. However, now I can complete 1 full length (to-and-fro) in a single attempt. My learning from this experience has been to remain dedicated and disciplined. If you want to improve and keep pushing yourself daily, show up no matter what.”

That extra push is common among the Class of 2024. It made them all the more successful. Exhibit A: Sales.  Arya Anand’s success translated to be put in charge of training hundreds of apprentices in consumer psychology and sales techniques. Among 240 BPCL offices, Vivek Vishe achieved the highest market share gain a few years ago. At the same time, Ayush Nag has excelled in the pharmaceutical machinery and IT solutions sales across Africa and the Middle East.

“In these six years, I have developed new markets for my organization in these regions from scratch, undertaking activities from cold calling to rigorous traveling schedules and back-to-back meetings and negotiations for onboarding new accounts for the organizations. I have managed to scale up the business revenue in these regions from 10,000 USD / Year to an average of 550,000 USD/ Year for a 4-year period. On the way, I got my organization registered with the Food and Drug authorities of several countries in the Middle East to become one of the few Indian-licensed IT solution providers in the Healthcare sector competing with the European giants of the segment.”

IIM EPGP Students at SDA Bocconi


Looking for an honor? The resident CEO of Oil India “handpicked” Debahuti Chakraborty out of a 576-member group to lead a cross-functional team focused on the firm’s long-term strategy. “I got the privilege to engage in direct, one-on-one interactions with the organization’s esteemed board of directors and the Chief Managing Director (CMD) for charting the future growth strategies and opportunities for the company. This opportunity was a source of immense pride and validation for me. It underscored the substantial impact of my contributions and the unwavering trust the top leadership placed in my abilities as a potential leader for the future.”

Chakraborty continued to lead when she arrived at IIM Indore. Here, she holds the position of Student Coordinator at the Placement Committee in student government, working with corporate recruiters to expand opportunities for her classmates. By the same token, Ayush Nag helped in organizing the batch’s International Immersion program.

“[This] included everything from guiding the remaining 37 students through the visa process to coordinating with the Italian embassy, VFS global office, and SDA Bocconi University. This was done within the timeframe when the Italian embassy was backed up with months of visa application and was not ready to accept new applications. This challenge helped me manage the panic within the batch, coordinate and manage 3rd party organizations, and make things work harmoniously.”

Sure enough, the International Immersion made an impression on the Class of 2024. Lasting four weeks during the fall, students were able to explore Milan and study at The Financial Times’ 3rd-ranked MBA program in the world (SDA Bocconi). Along the way, says Yatindra Prakash Singh, the class enjoyed site visits to top companies and studied topics ranging from luxury products to innovation management.

“A shift of time zones, a shift of taste buds, a shift of cultures, and whatnot,” adds Arya Anand. “The program has helped me understand the nuances of business in Europe, especially Italy, and helped me understand the Italian culture along with its excellence.”

Members of the ’24 EPGP Batch


The class has also made important personal strides at IIM Indore. Preyanshi Singh, for one, has experienced this growth in how she communicates. “I’ve transformed from a reserved communicator to an articulate and confident speaker through concerted effort and practice. This evolution has been instrumental in presentations, negotiations, and networking, enabling me to convey ideas effectively and connect with diverse audiences. It’s not just about words; it’s about conveying intent and building relationships.”

For Akshay Aggarwal, business school has provided a sense of clarity that has increasingly brought out his best. “I agree that everything cannot be planned, but it is crucial to have a flexible plan to adopt and adapt to changes as life progresses. The MBA curriculum and interaction with peers, faculties, eminent speakers, and students from other programs have helped me develop a broader perspective of what I want to do. Now, I know how to do it, which is my most significant accomplishment in the MBA journey. I am sure many more opportunities await me at Planet-I to showcase my skills and talent.”

As the class nears graduation, the class looks back fondly on their year in the EPGP program. That includes classroom experiences, says Ayush Nag. “The most memorable experience has been the interactions with the batchmates, throwing out great business ideas and discussing the pros and cons of those ideas; Thinking toward scalability, revenue models, and various marketing strategies for those. These intellectual conversations are something I will cherish because they personally helped me grow and look at the bigger picture of things rather than being focused only on one aspect of everything.”


For others, the best part of the IIM Indore program has been the community they built. Arriving as strangers, the class coalesced into the “closest companions”, says Akshay Aggarwal. “We’ve exchanged confidential stories, often accompanied by mischievous laughter. Despite the impending competition for placements, our mutual support never wavers. This spirit is a hallmark of IIM Indore, fostering camaraderie and an openness to diverse experiences.”

Sometimes, the best moments came when no one else was around. Tapan Sharma would often gaze out at the “lush green campus”, with peacocks “honking” at sunrise and crickets “chirping at sunset. Such moments, he says, often energized him to face the program’s demands. Chhavi Malhotra enjoyed a similar sensation looking out from her room every morning.

“I could see trees blowing in gentle breeze, peacocks making loud sounds… I would sit with my cup of warm water at the window and immerse myself in the beauty of nature, enjoying the fresh air. This would also be the time when I would say my affirmations for the day!”

IIM Indore Campus


By the numbers, the EPGP Class of 2024 features 38 students. On average, the class scored a 644 GMAT, with scores ranging from 580-760 in the 85% percentile. As a whole, 18% of the class is comprised of women.

As undergraduates, 90% of the class majored in engineering-related fields. The remainder of the class was split evenly between the arts and sciences.  Professionally, the largest segment of the class – 21% — last worked in Engineering and Procurement. Consulting and Advisory and Sales and Marketing each represent a 16% share of the class. Operations and Project Management each account for 11% of the class, with the remainder including students who last worked in Finance, Research and Development, Performance Management, and Product Management.

Overall, IIM Indore boasts several advantages. That includes location. Considered one of India’s cleanest and most tech savvy cities, it has earned the nickname of “Little Mumbai” for its energy and international feel. It is also known as a foodie paradise for street foods like Dahi Bade, Garadu, and Poha, particularly at Chappan Dukaan. Visitors can tour palaces, temples, and wildlife sanctuaries, while students can travel to Pipliyapala Park to get away from it all. Long known for fabrics and steel, Indore has increasingly become a magnet for tech firms, particularly in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

For Chhavi Malhotra, the EPGP curriculum closely aligned with where she saw these industries heading – and how she could capitalize on these opportunities in cities like Indore. “The pedagogy, which is a judicious mix of lectures, case discussions, project work, role-play, seminar presentations, management games, and simulations, [helps] me understand the nuances of business and transform me for leadership positions.”

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