Meet The Georgia Tech Scheller MBA Class Of 2025

Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to be an MBA for many reasons. Among the biggest: It’s home to a vibrant ecosystem of businesses in every industry, from large global companies to startups and nonprofits.

The Scheller College of Business at Georgia Institute of Technology is situated in the bustling heart of Atlanta, putting it smack dab in the center of one of the most dynamic cities in the United States. That makes Scheller an ideal home base for those seeking excellence and innovation in their MBA journey — and year after year, that’s what the Scheller College delivers. 

Scheller is not a huge program, distinguishing itself through intimate class sizes and a more personalized learning experience. That helps create a community — already entrepreneurial in mindset — that is also collaborative in spirit. This is one of several reasons Andrew Chetcuti thinks Scheller is a great place to live and study.

But there’s more to it, he says. “On a more fun level, Atlanta has an awesome cultural scene, encompassing world-class restaurants, events, and sporting venues,” Chetcuti says. 


Originally from Malta, Chetcuti is a three-time Olympian. He decided Scheller was the right choice based on its small class sizes, which makes for a more intimate learning experience and “a more individualized approach to my learning,” something that “allowed for tailored and personalized feedback.” This helped him to successfully land an internship at Bain and Company for summer 2024.

From Georgia, Quintrione Dunlap is a first-gen college student who hopes to inspire others like him to attend business school. He chose Scheller for the practical, hands-on experiences he knew he would gain at the school.

“I wanted to join an MBA program that went the extra mile to ensure the students not only understood the course material but also allowed their students to get hands-on experience in seeing how the course material can be applied within an organization,” Dunlap says. 

With all there is to offer in the world of business school, it helps to have a ton of energy, which well describes Steven Leonidas Chrysosferidis. The Georgia native was drawn to Scheller because of its TI:GER program, which stands for Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results. Chrysosferidis says the STEM concentration in Strategy and Innovation “is an exciting opportunity to embed into multiple technology startup ecosystems” — important to him because he wants to explore his entrepreneurial side, and “gaining exposure to these ecosystems is interesting and growth-oriented.”


Anthony Teachey enjoyed the case competition during orientation. His team was selected as one of the finalists. “We worked creatively and efficiently under a time constraint,” he says. “Afterward, I was confident that we would work well together throughout our first semester.” He also loved Hobby Nights, where he and other MBAs tasted everyone’s chili and told stories around a campfire.

With a background in engineering and a love for Hobby Nights as well, Jayalaxmi Jagannathan from India enjoyed tailgating the football games the most, supporting the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. She’d start the day hosting brunch for her MBA friends, followed by participating in the lively tailgate atmosphere at the game, where she was able to connect with other alumni and peers in a social setting.

“The day became an unforgettable blend of camaraderie, learning American football as a newcomer, and creating lasting bonds in the vibrant Georgia Tech community,” she says.


MBAs come to Scheller with a wide array of experiences. Neil Harris has a background in mechanical engineering, but came to Scheller because he wanted to strengthen his skills in business, law, and technology. In his role as a Mechanical Project Engineer at Vanderlande, Harris worked as a pneumatics specialist by leading the first in-house design for a fulfillment center, something that is traditionally outsourced.

Pursuing your MBA is all about trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone — and maybe pivoting in your career, too. That describes how Annette Knell from Peru decided to pursue her MBA: She wanted to move on from law to work in strategy and innovation. As a litigation lawyer, Knell says the best accomplishment in her career was developing a data analytics platform that greatly enhances case management, empowers partners with data-driven decisions, and transforms client reporting — cutting lawyer tasks by 90%. 


As an MBA student, Knell is proud that she has been able to “successfully balance social life, recruiting, and class work” — earning, she says, the title of her cohort’s “Social Butterfly.” 

From Washington, D.C., Dallas Charles came to Scheller to be at the intersection of business and technology. There are two things she’s most proud of thus far in her MBA experience: the network she has been able to build, and becoming the first-year rep for Scheller’s Marketing Club. “​​It wasn’t until recently that I discovered what I wanted to do with my career and having this new opportunity to grow in the space is validating and rewarding,” Charles says. 

Maddie Elledge from New Jersey says her most notable accomplishment was being awarded a Forté Fellowship and attending the Women’s MBA Conference in Dallas, Texas in June 2023. “The talks were inspiring and engaging, only heightening my excitement to join my MBA program,” Elledge says. “Forté is such a special network of amazing women and I feel so grateful to be a part of it.”


Elledge’s brightest memory is surrounding the ever-popular Hobby Nights: “My favorite memory was a Hobby Night thrown by three students titled ‘International Spice-Off’,” she says. Students sampled authentic Thai and Indian cuisine made by their fellow classmates, and the dishes increased in spice level as the night progressed. “It was such an amazing experience to taste all of the dishes and learn about our friends’ cultures a little bit more,” Elledge says.

Before they were accepted into the program, several prospects were invited to attend a women’s dinner event with recently admitted and current students. This was Allison Ziants’ favorite experience so far. “I was sitting at the head of the table next to two admitted students that I didn’t know, and we were having your typical ‘get to know you’ conversation,” she says. Ziants wasn’t expecting it would come up, yet she and the other two women discovered they all had a passion for soccer. “It was a ‘Did we just become best friends?’ moment, and they are my best friends in the program today!” she says. 


Sarmy Saad, a Syrian-born entrepreneur, says that so far he has found the southern hospitality at Scheller to be extremely welcoming. His favorite memories revolve around evenings spent at Cyprus, a local bar. “​​The casual atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for bonding with classmates, engaging in great conversations, and forming lasting connections,” Saad says. The camaraderie built during those laid-back moments makes academic challenges more manageable and enriches his overall MBA experience, he adds.

Saad has a few words of wisdom for future Scheller MBAs. “Don’t be afraid to let your achievements stand out. Have a goal and highlight how Scheller’s MBA program is the gateway for you to reach that goal,” he advises. 

Texan Taylor Sloop chose Scheller because of her passions in engineering. Her advice to future MBAs: “Focus on what sets you apart as a candidate.” She adds that everyone has some weak areas, but they also have something that is unique about them and makes them the perfect candidate.

“Spend time finding that unique selling point and prepare to discuss that topic in the interview process,” Sloop says. 

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