Brooke Mannelly

Sr. Admissions Consultant

Menlo Coaching

New Canaan, Connecticut

United States

Consultant Bio

Brooke knows exactly what a compelling MBA profile looks like:

As a former Associate Director of Admissions for the Berkeley Haas Full-Time MBA Program for three years, then as an MBA tech recruiter for Apple and LinkedIn, Brooke screened thousands of MBA applications, evaluating their profiles and matching the right applicant to the right opportunity.

Now, as an MBA admissions coach, she draws on this expertise to “approach things from the other direction”: she’ll help you zero-in on your strengths, craft a persuasive argument for your candidacy, and showcase your potential in a way that makes you stand out among other applicants.

I want an advocate—someone who can help me present the best case for my admission.

During her three-year tenure on the AdCom at Berkeley Haas, Brooke read some 3,000 applications, carefully considering how each student might fit into the incoming class.

And while many applicants think of AdCom members as “gatekeepers”, Brooke says she felt more like an advocate than a critic.

“My job was to look for profiles that matched the program’s values and culture, and then I’d take these profiles and present them at committee meetings. These meetings were my favorite part of working at Haas—I felt like a lawyer for each student, giving evidence that they would thrive in our community. That’s where my love of coaching comes from: a desire to fight for applicants I believe in.”

That’s also why Brooke places the reader—or the AdCom member—above all else in her approach to application strategy.

“When we’re done with your application, we’ll have a document that helps forge a genuine connection with the Admissions Committee reader reviewing your file. I want your application to be so compelling that it gets passed around to other committee members. I want them to say ‘You’ve got to read this essay!’”

I work, or want to work, in tech. I need someone who knows the field inside and out.

After her time at Haas, Brooke began recruiting for Apple and LinkedIn, where she specialized in hiring recent MBA graduates.

Specifically, Brooke was the MBA intern hiring lead at LinkedIn, where she helped to fill a small number of coveted internship slots. Brooke continued the work at Apple, where she helped hiring managers fill internship positions across an array of Apple’s business units, including their Internet Software and Services to Ad Platforms.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the tech world or you’re looking to break into the field, Brooke can help you gain a realistic understanding of your future in the industry, especially during and post-MBA.

“Top tech companies are looking for stellar MBA talent at the intern and post-MBA level. It can be extremely competitive to land a post-MBA position at a top tech company, but there are definitely strategies that you can use to position yourself profitably…even if you don’t yet have tech in your background.”

I have a weakness in my profile, and I don’t know how to approach it.

Brooke understands that many applicants have concerns about weaknesses in their backgrounds, or about facts that might be perceived as weaknesses.

“But you should know, as a previous Admissions Committee member, some of the best applications I ever read were from someone with a ‘weakness.’ Remember that the people who read your application are real people, not robots (for now) who also have shortcomings, whether through our own school experiences or our careers. Furthermore, no profile is perfect, and writing an MBA application is always a matter of finding the right balance between pride in your accomplishments and honesty in your self-reflection.”

With Brooke’s guidance, no dimension of your story is too difficult to overcome—she’ll help you determine whether a “weakness” needs to be addressed, and by the end of the process, she’ll help you present a comprehensive application that tells your story in a way that no one else could.

Company Information

If you want to do everything you can to win admission to a top MBA program, and you are ready to do the hard work involved in building your profile and creating great applications, Menlo Coaching can help. We have high standards and will push you hard to uncover every detail that will help you to find your voice and tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

You will never have a blind spot when you work with us. We visit campuses, interview admissions directors (see our blog), and employ a network of students to give us candid feedback about their MBA programs. We know the things that aren’t always discussed openly, like how schools manage their rankings, the side channels through which schools receive feedback on applicants, and more.

Our services combine unlimited 1:1 coaching with a self-paced curriculum that allows you to learn the basics in a way that fits your incredibly busy schedule. We also bring you together with other applicants to build your MBA network and keep your motivation high throughout the process.

To ensure the highest quality of service, we accept only a limited number of clients each year so that we can keep a low ratio of clients to coaches. Contact us as soon as you have committed to pursue an MBA and want to maximize your odds of acceptance.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs
We support applicants across all stages of an MBA application: planning your career goals, selecting schools that will help you achieve those goals, networking effectively with students, staff and alumni, identifying your personal story, and telling it across the many essays, application forms, resumes, and recommendations. Our structured approach means that you’ll always know the answer to the question “What should I be doing NOW to improve my odds of acceptance?”

Our interview preparation combines mock interviews, tailored to each school’s format, with communications training provided by former professional actors. You’ll overcome your interview nerves and will feel confident, authentic and relaxed on the day of the interview.

Even after the interview, we work with you to negotiate your merit-based aid. Although we cannot promise an award for any particular candidate, our clients have received millions of dollars of additional awards based directly on our negotiating strategies.

Finally, we love helping future-year applicants to build their MBA profiles through our “Early Birds” program because taking the right steps now will give you an edge in the competitive application process later.

Location: New Canaan, Connecticut, United States



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Brooke Helped Me Land Acceptance To My Top Choice Program
    2 months ago
    I hired Brooke relatively late, given that I wanted to apply first round for my top choice program. While Brooke was honest in calibrating my expectations, she was supportive of my ambitious strategy, which I appreciated. I was worried that we would not have enough time to iterate on my resume and essays as much as I would have liked, but this was not the case at all. Brooke was highly responsive, turning over both detailed and high level comments on my drafts within less than a day of me sending materials to her. She was also readily available for Zoom calls. She helped me restructure and refine my resume, which allowed me to pack in more information. She also helped me outline what I would ...
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    Class of 2026 Admit
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  • Brooke Was Great On My M7 Applications
    2 months ago
    Coming from an overrepresented background, I knew I had to make my application stand out in some way. She did a great job helping me craft a compelling story tailored to each school. She was always very responsive and knowledgeable, and if she didn't know the answer, she would always check with her colleagues to get me the best information possible. She stayed in contact through the whole process including helping with waitlist letters which got me off the Booth waitlist. I was very happy with my results and admission into 2 M7s out of my 3 applications.
    Class of 2026 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Brooke Helped Me Go 4 For 4 On MBA Applications
    5 months ago
    Brooke worked with me on crafting MBA applications for four business schools across the M7/T10/T15 range, and helped me get admitted into all four programs. She did a great job of helping me build applications that would resonate with the admissions officers and potential interviewers that would be reading my file. Brooke's time working in the admissions office at Berkeley Haas gave her a unique understanding of the MBA application process, and her knowledge in the field enabled her to share unique insights on how to tell my story in a way that would allow my genuine self and my passion for each school shine through. Brooke was very responsive throughout the process, consistently following up on my questions as well as resume and essay revisions ...
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    Yiyang He
    MBA Class of 2026 Admit
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  • Brooke’s Thorough Understanding Of The M7 Admissions Process Proved Crucial To Gain Admission To Chicago Booth
    6 months ago
    I hired Brooke to guide me through my applications to a couple of M7 MBA programs. Brooke’s experience working for UC-Berkeley Haas’ admissions team combined with her private sector experience helped me tailor my application essays towards both educators and business professionals. Brooke quickly identified industry-specific jargon words within my essays and taught me how to explain concepts better to a general audience. Brooke’s versatility helped me craft essays covering my experiences in business from a behavioral perspective all the way to persuasive essays requiring thorough explanations of “Why” I’d be a good fit for a specific M7 program. Brooke made sure I reached out to current students at every program I applied to and coached me on leaving a lasting impression to everyone on ...
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    John Prunty
    MBA Class of 2025 Admit
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